Mobile Strategy Development & Execution

Create a solid mobile strategy that aligns with/complements your technical strategy and overall business strategy.

Rapid App Development & Deployment

We’ve developed a library of reusable, “plug-and-play” components that cut your time-to-market, and your overall cost, by 35-40%.

User Experience
& Visual Design

Hit the “sweet spot” in your mobile solution with the right balance of functionality, security and usability…with an interface that’s easy on the eyes.

Mobile Security Development & Implementation

Proactively protect your company, your data, and your users with tools that monitor, control and secure your data, from frontend to back.

Powerful Mobile
Analytics Tools

Gain insight into your users’ behavior with real-time data delivered in an easy-to-use dashboard, taking the guesswork out of your decision-making process

App Testing
& Quality Assurance

You have less than 10 seconds to convince an employee or customer to keep using your app. We make sure your app works as designed, every time.

Mobile App
Cloud Hosting

We’ll help you choose the best mobile cloud hosting for your business; a solution that is easy to set up, dependable and stress-free to manage

Don't just build a mobile app. Create a bullet-proof mobile strategy.

Align your mobile goals with your technology and overall business strategy.

Mobility is not a "magic pill." How you use it, when you use it, and why you use it
are what determine its success. The right mobile strategy delivers tangible results.
"We had a very short deadline to roll out an iPad app to our customers.The team over at SevenTablets took on our project as if it was their own and pulled through to the finish line."
-- Robert J. Chandler, CEO/President, Cloud9 Real Time
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