A Mobile App Development Agency with A Winning Formula

We are a full-spectrum B2B mobility solutions provider that helps businesses leverage mobility to increase revenue, reduce costs and streamline operational efficiency. Our expertise includes development of mobile strategy and custom apps for iOS and Android, Big Data, Analytics, and IoT.

Our Leadership Team

We help businesses grow.
SevenTablets offers you access to talented developers, designers, and strategists that innovate with technology.

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Company Overview

  • Dallas and Austin, Texas Based

    Among your selection attributes, understand the value of what it means to work with a partner that is local versus one that largely outsources your work. Our corporate headquarters is in Dallas and we have a strategic office in Austin, Texas to best serve our clients.

  • Award Winning Leadership

    Our CEO is a two-time Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and our President has found success as an early pioneer in mobility.

  • Solutions Increase Revenue or Reduce Costs

    Our solutions deliver revenue accelerators through sales enablement or product creation… they also reduce costs through newfound operational efficiency.

  • Certified Minority Owned

    Depending on our relationship, you may qualify for special tax incentives by working with us. We are actively involved in supporting business creation in North Texas and beyond.


  • Business First Mobile Strategy

    Before you make an investment, we work with you to ensure that you will see value in your solution through our unique, no obligation discovery process.

  • Rapid App Development

    Our open source platform, STAX, was developed without compromise. As the foundation of your custom mobile solution, it offers the highest performance while lowering your cost of investment.

  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics

    Leverage the power of data to understand user behavior and optimize your solution to gain the highest returns.

  • 100% Domestic Developers & Designers

    Whether the team you work with is on-shore or off-shore is a factor that will play into your working dynamic. We pride ourselves on our diverse, local team of gifted mobility experts.

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