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How to Market a Mobile App

Marketing Your Mobile App [eBook]

By now you know that building an app requires significant investments of time and money. Unfortunately, publishing an incredible app isn’t the only thing you required to get your business off the ground. Developing a well-devised mobile app marketing budget and plan is a determining factor in becoming the next Instagram or a total flop.  Read More
SevenTablets explores How to Create a Mobile App Tutorial That Boosts User Engagement and Retention

How to Create a Mobile App Tutorial That Boosts User Engagement and Retention

You've just downloaded a new app and you're eager to start exploring its various tools and features. But moments after you delve into the user interface, you're rudely interrupted and channeled into a 12-screen tutorial. And to make matters worse, there's no “got it” or “exit” button. So you're forced to hit the “next” button on screen after screen. You didn’t want to get sucked into a mandatory 10-minute lesson. You just wanted to explore a new app at your own pace. Read More
SevenTablets Explores How to Track Uninstall Data to Improve Your Mobile App Retention Rate

How to Track Uninstall Data to Improve Your Mobile App Retention Rate

In 2017, it's expected that over 268 billion apps will be downloaded. But the reality is that a vast majority of those apps will be uninstalled shortly thereafter—within a matter of hours for most. The industry standard for app retention is around 20 percent at 72 hours post-install. That means 8 out of 10 people will uninstall your mobile app at some point in the three days after they downloaded it. By the time the 90-day mark rolls around, that 20 percent figure is slashed to just five percent. Read More
SevenTablets Offers Strategies for Reducing Your App Uninstall Rate

Strategies for Reducing Your App Uninstall Rate

Many of your app’s users can relate to the following scenario: “I launched an app I use all the time and it seems it was updated overnight. Now, all the screens I’m used to seeing are unfamiliar-looking. Things aren’t where I expected them to be and I can't seem to find the features I always use. Sure, it looks a bit fancier, but now I have to re-learn where everything is again. I’m so frustrated that I just want to delete the app now.” Read More
Smart Watch App Development - Seven Tablets

Strategies for High-Tech Wearables: 3 Lessons on Smartwatch App Development

Smartwatches have been in the mainstream since 2015’s debut of the Apple Watch; and yet, they’ve not penetrated the market as quickly as the other devices we rely so much upon. In part, their slow introduction into our culture is because of the challenges of both reading and inputting text on a wrist-worn device. Smartwatch app development practices are now evolving in response to these initial struggles as the goal is to achieve a more user-friendly interface.  Read More
Mobile Analytics - SevenTablets

Understand Your Customers with Mobile Analytics

Have you tracked daily active users of your app? OR some similar metric? That information can provide valuable insight into your app's growth, but taking a deeper look at mobile analytics can give you actionable information about what your users really want — so you can provide that too. Here are the types of activities you can track through comprehensive mobile analytics, as well as some of the ways you can use the information to make your app better. Read More
iOS 10.3 SevenTablets

iOS 10.3 Puts Developers in Charge of Customer Service

For more than 8 years, the Apple App Store has been stocked with tiny, on-demand programs… and literally nothing else. With the release of iOS 10.3, the App Store gained some long-awaited B2C functionality and developers across the planet are rejoicing. But, who would’ve thought software developers would celebrate adding ‘customer service representative’ to the end of their title? Read More
Common IoT Devices - Seven Tablets

Top 10 IoT Common Uses for Everyday People

When you think about the Internet of Things (IoT), you probably think about connected houses that learn the lighting preferences of every family members or smart refrigerators that order eggs when you run out. For most of us, that probably isn’t quite the reality. For most people, the IoT common uses actually include a host of smaller items that we’re using on a daily basis to make our lives easier.  Read More
Your App is Nothing like Uber, Here's Why

Your App is Nothing Like Uber. Here’s Why…

At SevenTablets, we hear about countless app ideas each year. Some are phenomenal, some are practical and some lack potential, but we are always happy to learn about each one, offer advice and help however we can. A lot of times, we hear the phrase “my app’s just like Uber, but for X industry.” But chances are your app is nothing like Uber, and here’s why… Read More
Mobile App Marketing - SevenTablets

5 Mobile App Marketing Tips You Need to Know

It seems nearly everyone has an app now, so to get yours noticed and downloaded, you’re going to need to do some serious mobile app marketing. But where do you start? Here are the top 5 ways to effectively market your mobile app, from app store optimization to advertising. Read More
Big Data Analytics Discrimination

Do Big Data and Analytics Fuel Discrimination?

Big Data and analytics (and especially predictive analytics) are powerful inventions of modern technology. Inventions that influence our lives by assigning our credit scores, protecting us from fraudulent credit card charges, showing ads relevant to our interests and more. But, these tools are not innately objective. In fact, if they are not developed correctly, they can reinforce discriminatory stereotypes, creating massive disadvantages for affected individuals. Read More
The Future of Technology in Healthcare

Changes Coming for Healthcare Technology

Mobile technology and the Internet of Things have become natural parts of our daily lives. We’re getting smart shopping lists from our refrigerators, tracking our daily activity levels, and connecting with family and friends all over the world. But healthcare technology has been slow to adopt these changes. Read More
Free Apps Generate Revenue

Do Free Apps Have Higher Earning Potential?

You’ve developed a great app, one that has real money-making potential. So, you upload it to the various app stores and slap a 99 cent price tag on it. A small enough amount that people won’t think twice about buying it, but enough that you’ll earn 70 cents every time someone downloads it. You might want to reconsider, because that 99 cent price tag could actually cost you money in the long run. Here are some ways you can earn more by providing free apps. Read More
Wearable Device Predict Health

Your Wearable Device Can Predict Your Next Illness

Wish your wearable device was more than just a glorified pedometer? Well, you’re in luck, because Stanford University researchers are granting wishes. They’re working on a way to use the data from your fitness tracker to predict when you’re going to get sick. Read More
Color Psychology App Design Seven Tablets

Influencing Success with Color Psychology

Can you imagine the Facebook logo being red, bright yellow or any other color? The entire look and feel of your newsfeed would be altered. Maybe even to the point of wanting to gravitate to another social media platform. Though choosing a color for your app may seem arbitrary at first thought, it could mean the difference between success and mediocrity. Fortunately, color psychology has been studied extensively and you can apply the science directly to your business. Read More
Asset Tracking - SevenTablets Blog

Asset Tracking: The Modern Inventory Solution

When you run a business, you need to know where your inventory and equipment is at all times. Thanks to modern technology, you have a lot more tools to keep things organized. The following asset tracking devices will clean up your chaos. Read More
Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development

Is Offshore Development a Threat to Your Intellectual Property?

Are you considering offshore development for your next app? When you look at the hourly rates many overseas developers offer it may seem like a good idea, but there’s more to consider than just dollars per hour. There are also time zone issues to overcome, cultural differences that can affect the user interface and word usage, possible release delays in non-U.S. countries and fluctuating exchange rates that keep hourly costs in flux. But, even more important, there are big legal differences between the United States and other countries. These differences can put the ownership of your app and the underlying intellectual property at risk. Read More
Mobile Ordering Food Industry

From Foraging to Mobile Ordering

According to Wikipedia “hunting and gathering was humanity’s first and most successful adaptation, occupying 90% of human history.” But man, did we throw a wrench in those spokes. Early farming began in 9000 BC, and canned food hit the shelves in the 19th century. Since then, humankind has been dedicated to making the acquisition of food embarrassingly easy through mobile ordering and countless other innovations. Read More

enterprise mobile app design and development

Winning the Enterprise Mobile App Boom

The boom in the enterprise mobile app market is here and has been for a few years now yet there are some industries that find themselves having to play "catch up." As both employers and employees continue to create use cases for a good enterprise mobile app, it’s no surprise that the market’s revenue keeps booming. Read More
Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Healthcare’s Perfect Match: Predictive Analytics

A single hospital can store more than 3 petabytes of data at any given time. That's equal to the contents of the entire Library of Congress. Considering that the United States has 5,546 registered hospitals, you can imagine the massive amounts of data created by our country’s healthcare system. Obviously, the need for data storage and processing is unavoidable, but data is not just a cumbersome side-effect of modern healthcare. It’s a massive opportunity for us to discover, understand and improve, with predictive analytics as the excavator. Read More
The Cloud has a New Partner in Crime

The Cloud has a New Partner in Crime

Everyone is familiar with the famous ‘Cloud.’ Many imagine it to be a serene, white landscape decorated with family photos, phone numbers and laptop back-ups from years gone by. Others see it as the most amazing cure-all in the history of IT. As far as the non-tech crowd is concerned, if they “just let the Cloud handle it” all issues are magically resolved. But, as many of you know, the Cloud is much more than a fairy tale land of convenient data storage and computing power. Read More
Customer Loyalty Apps - SevenTablets

How a Loyalty App Can Turn Customers into Advocates

You’ve probably used a loyalty app at some point, whether it was to buy coffee at Starbucks without digging for your wallet, submitting a prescription refill at CVS or Walgreens, or getting app-exclusive discounts at Target or Whole Foods.These types of smartphone apps offer great benefits to consumers — but even more important benefits to the businesses that offer them. By making things easy for consumers, these businesses can turn these loyal customers into powerful advocates.Here are five essential elements of a loyalty app that make customers fall in love. Read More
SevenTablets Prototyping Your App to Success

[eBook] Prototyping Your App to Success

Do you have the next million dollar idea? How about an app concept that will take your existing business to new heights? Building an app prototype is the best springboard for success. Learn how to prototype your app through planning, sketching, wireframing and developing your design! Download your free copy of our latest eBook, 'Prototyping Your App to Success.' Read More
Can Snapchat Win Against Facebook and Instagram?

Can Snapchat Win Against the Facebook Inc. Dream Team?

Snapchat has become a social media phenomenon teens and millennials obsess over. From applying augmented filters to selfies, to posting personal ‘stories’ about daily life, Snapchat connects users through a friendly interface and comical in-app features. Despite having 150 million monthly active users and plans to go public early this year, Snapchat’s days may be numbered.The executioner? Facebook, Inc. Read More
SevenTablets Smart Tech Gift Guide

SevenTablets Gift Guide: Smart Presents for All

Spoiler alert: With less than two weeks left before Christmas, your holiday shopping window is closing fast! Whether you’re a professional procrastinator, extremely busy or at a loss for what to buy the ‘person who has it all,’ it’s time to get serious. In an effort to calm your nerves and transform you into everyone’s favorite gift-giver, we’ve compiled a smart gadget gift guide your friends and family will love. Read More
Hybrid VS Native Mobile Apps

Rapid Mobile App Development Tips

Companies find that mobile apps can offer many advantages over just having a mobile-optimized website. But why don't more businesses develop mobile apps? Read More
Instagram Advertising for Mobile Apps

Could Instagram Advertising Make Your App Famous?

Around our office, we encourage clients to make marketing a sizable slice of their budget upfront. Unfortunately, there are still hundreds of apps wallowing in the dreariest corners of the mobile marketplace, simply because no one knows they’re there. Instagram advertising may solve this problem. Read More
Mobile strategy

How To Rate An Effective Mobile Strategy

The shift to a mobile marketplace is well underway, and more companies are adopting the mindset that mobile should be the first thought rather than an afterthought. While this type of disruptive change often brings about exciting periods of innovation and experimentation – and at the very least, many learning opportunities – identifying and leveraging a successful mobile strategy model is critical for an organization’s long-term success. Read More
restaurant mobile apps

Small Restaurants Can Have Mobile Apps Too

Regional and nationwide restaurant chains may have the resources to develop mobile apps that can help enhance their brand, engage with customers, and of course, grow revenue. The Starbucks app, for example, now accounts for 24% of the company's revenue, amounting to more than three billion dollars each year. This app gives the coffee purveyor chain a chance to connect with users every time they look at their phones. Plenty of studies support the idea that eateries of all kinds can prosper by providing mobile apps, mostly because consumers tend to search for local business with their phones. Read More

3 Keys to Developing Successful Apps

The mobile market is booming and the influx of competition makes it tough to launch truly successful apps in the main marketplaces. Emerging technology, new phone features, the IoT and cognitive computing are discussed frequently in the context of mobile app development, which makes keeping up with the latest trends seem impossible. Even though the rapid evolution of hardware and software can keep developers very busy, the basics of successful application development haven't really changed. Thanks to this consistency, developing a long-lasting, scalable app can be done. Read More
Cross-platform and Hybrid Mobile Development

Cross-Platform App Development: Risks and Rewards

Mobile devices are no longer the cool new gadget; they're the technology standard. While some organizations have limited their focus to a single mobile OS, the reality is that an ever-expanding variety of devices and operating systems must work together seamlessly to get work done. Consider the following benefits and pitfalls of cross-platform mobile app development. Read More
mobile ransomware

The Ransomware Epidemic Is Going Mobile

Security professionals use the term ransomware when they refer to a particular kind of computer virus that can lock computer systems or data. The criminals then offer to unlock the device after the victims pay a fee. In some cases, these cybercriminals even pose as employees of legitimate security companies and don't admit that they caused the problem in the first place. This type of online crime has become so prevalent that the FBI posted an official warning in March of 2016.Read More
Mobile Technology for Mobile Strategy

Mobile Strategy: What Technologies Must Be Included?

Leaders in IT and tech fields met at the ET6 conference to discuss how emerging technologies can bring their businesses forward in the Digital Age. The emphasis of the conference may have been on mobile technologies but mobile strategy development can no longer focus on one kind of tech. Strategists and designers must take a broader view to produce useful applications. Each app must rely on mobile tech and some combination of cloud computing, cognitive computing, business analytics, and even robotics or augmented virtual reality.Read More

Engage Millennials with Mobile Apps

Studies have demonstrated that Millennial employees tend to engage less with their employers and coworkers than members of previous generations. Citing an average of about 2 years in tenure per position and also noting that nearly 60 percent will consider offers from other companies, this new challenge must be addressed by companies that rely heavily on individual contributors. One way to address this growing issue is to engage millennials with mobile apps.  Read More
IoT and Mobile App Development

How IoT May Impact Your Mobile App Development

We're on the cusp of a massive integration between mobile devices and the larger Internet of Things. And though it can feel easier to sweep that portion of development under the rug, it's not difficult to find a connection between mobile apps and the future of IoT. Technically, your smartphone and smart watch already are devices that belong to this connected community. Of course, mobile app development becomes much more involved when you need software that controls or utilizes reports from multiple connected devices.  Read More
New Mobile Technology 2016

Mobile Technology: 2016 and Beyond

The smart phone market has evolved so quickly that even the most savvy tech users might be surprised by the things their device can do. Mobile developers and tech leaders need to stay current with emerging mobile capabilities, particularly those functions that appeal to consumers the most. It might help to consider an expert opinion about the most exciting features that manufacturers either have released recently, or are planning to release very soon, and what those additions mean for the future of development. Read More

What new technology does is create opportunities to do a job that customers want done.

Tim O’Reilly

mobile application development investment trends

Investing in Mobile Apps: Are Development Budgets Declining?

Data from Gartner Research supports that both employees and consumers spend a large portion of their online time using mobile devices. As such, it should come as no surprise that businesses are investing heavily in mobile app development and greater mobility solutions to increase revenue and reduce costs. What might be surprising is that, despite the increase in needs for mobility solutions, total application development budgets have actually declined in the last year. Read More
Connected Cars and the IoT

Connected Cars and the IoT

Connected Cars and the IoT In a mere 70 years computers have gone from 50-ton boxes inhabiting 1,800 square feet to palm-sized gadgets that accompany us virtually everywhere. They’ve infiltrated (or eliminated) many of the devices we’ve invented, from phones and fax machines, to televisions and .... Read More
Mobile Security Concerns

How Concerned Are Consumers About Mobile Security?

Nokia recently released their 2016 study about consumer retention and acquisition. Information from this report revealed both surprising and unsurprising facts about consumer security concerns. Understanding the ways average consumers act on concerns about security on their mobile devices vs. traditional computers made their findings particularly interesting. Read More
IoT Home Automation

4 Consumer Obstacles Standing in the IoT’s Way

Massive success for the IoT is on the horizon, but consumers aren’t quite ready to let it happen. Right now, the mobile device and IoT markets are flooded with fast-evolving technologies and choices that have failed to convert shoppers into buyers at the rate experts expected. Here are four of the obstacles stalling the IoT’s forward momentum... Read More
Business Productivity Apps

Business Mobility Increases the Need for Productivity Apps

Most businesspeople know that the use of mobile apps is spiking. Business Insider reports that 65 percent of American workers use mobile devices for at least some aspect of their jobs every day. US employees have embraced mobile technology in record numbers, but not all company executives have embraced mobile apps and devices as rapidly as their employees. Read More

How IoT May Impact Your Mobile App Development

It’s not difficult to find a connection between mobile app development and the future of IoT. Technically, your smartphone and smart watch already are connected devices that belong to the Internet of Things. Of course, mobile app development becomes much more involved when you need software that controls or utilizes reports from multiple connected devices. Read More
The Truth About Mobile Video

Mobile Development is Ready for Video

Between 2015 and 2020, the consumption of video content will grow from 20 to 75 percent of worldwide Internet traffic. Videos can be used on social networking sites and company websites, but mobile developers can and should incorporate video into apps, too. Read More
Enduring Mobile Apps

3 Keys of a Successful App

The mobile market is booming and the influx of competition makes it difficult to launch successful apps in the main marketplaces. Emerging technology, new phone features, the IoT and cognitive computing are discussed frequently in the context of mobile app development, which makes keeping up with the latest trends seem impossible. Read More
Pokemon Go Mobile App

Pokemon GO: The Most Popular App Ever

Mobile app developers dream of creating a viral app like Instagram, Snapchat or AngryBirds. Even though some apps are very widely used, none have ever achieved instant success like Pokemon Go. Read More
What is the IoT

IoT 101: What Is the IoT and Why Care?

The Internet of Things, called the IoT, has already permeated our environment. In fact, you've probably interacted with it, whether you knew it or not. The IoT describes the population of smart devices that communicate with other devices (or people) through use of the Internet. Some observers have called this the dawn of a new Industrial Revolution because the IoT will transform the way people manage their households, conduct their businesses and interact with their cities. Read More

Introducing the World’s First IoT-Only Internet

Does the Internet of Things, or IoT, require its own internet? At the end of June, the Dutch introduced the first low range, low power (LoRa) network to cover an entire nation, coming from a telecom company called KPN. This new network has raised questions if other countries should follow suit, so you may want to understand why a LoRa made sense in the Netherlands and might make sense elsewhere. Read More
Mitigating User Rejection Whitepaper

[White Paper] Mitigating Your Biggest Mobile Strategy Risk

Did you know eight out of ten apps are downloaded, used once and then deleted? User rejection is the greatest risk to your mobile strategy. To design a successful app, you need to balance responsiveness, intuitiveness and functionality—or users go elsewhere. Read More

Selecting the Best Platform for Mobile Application Development (MADP)

Of course, many different kinds of mobile devices are available. A mobile application development platform, or MADP, can help speed up development considerably. Typically, these platforms give developers the ability to create an app once and deploy it to multiple devices. It’s obvious that using an MADP offers advantages over having to code the same application many times for all the different devices on which it might get used.Read More

Why Mobile App Testing is Important

According to a Tech Target article, users will have downloaded about 270 billion mobile applications by 2017. To put that in perspective, the best estimates of humans on the planet hover around 7.4 billion people. In any case, that's a tremendous number of mobile apps that get downloaded to many different kinds of mobile devices. This underscores only some of the reasons why mobile app testing is so critically important. Read More

How a Mobile App is Good for Business

If you follow digital marketing at all, you probably already understand that you need a mobile-friendly marketing platform. Hopefully, you've also already made sure that your company website has a responsive design but even that is not enough these days. Having a site that performs well on both large and small devices is a good step; however, you can do more to really profit substantially from mobile device users. Read More

"Let's go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday."

Steve Jobs

What is Mobile App Development?

American consumption of digital media has exploded recently. In fact, Comscore reports an increase in U.S. digital content use of 50 percent in just the last two years. Moreover, the use of mobile applications accounts for 75 percent of that growth. That means that Americans love to use their computers even more than they did in the past, but America's favorite computers are now smartphones and tablets. Read More

Why Create a Mobile App for Your Business?

If you run a small  or medium-sized business, you might not think your company is large enough to need its own mobile app. As Scott Shane, a professor at Case Western, explained in Entrepreneur Magazine, mobile internet access has become increasingly popular. This popularity means that you could be missing out on lots of opportunities to connect with and sell to customers. Read More
10 Things You Should Know Before Launching a Mobile App

Mobility Transforms Customer Engagement

It is true that mobility transforms customer engagement in the way that it impacts communication and access over a 24 hour period. Robert Desisto, VP at Gartner, notes that by 2017 most enterprise applications will be mobile or will have some usable form of mobile access. In that perspective, businesses need to consider what apps will drive customer engagement processes and how those choices will create maximum value for your business and its clients. Read More
Mobile App Success

Even The Perfect App Can Fail After Launch

Investing in a mobile solution is one of the strongest moves towards creating competitive advantage, but many are falling short of success. Whether a mobile solution is developed as a consumer facing app for public download, or an internal tool to improve or enable business operations, a great deal of money and effort is required. However, there is a formula for success to ensure your investment pays off.Read More
mitigate risk with mobile business strategy

Effective Mobile Strategies Reduce Risks and Protect Profit

Effective mobile strategies reduce risk and help accelerate business revenue and profitability through increased efficiency. A great mobile strategy may lower operating costs by reducing operational shortcomings such as lag time within a sales cycle, production time between sales and delivery, cumbersome document management and approval routing processes, and improved communication among business groups apart from other use cases. Read More

Make the Smartest Mobility Decision Possible

This day and age, businesses must have a great mobility solution to compete. Clearly, this is a broad statement so ask yourself, what does that mean to your business? Many others, perhaps your competition, are already asking themselves this same question and reports from Harris Poll reveal that 90% of IT decision makers see mobility as critical to customer engagement, overall competitiveness, and operational efficiency in 2016. Read More

Importance of Leveraging a Mobile Strategy in 2016

Few things have had quite so profound an effect on the way we work, play, and live as companies that have been successful in leveraging a mobile strategy. Another year is passing and in hindsight 2015 has been an exciting year. We have seen a few different trends pointing towards an Internet that is more dynamic, much more mobile, and way more multi-channel than what we have seen thus far. Read More
Consumer VS Enterprise Apps

[Infographic] Differences Between Business and Consumer Apps

Developing a consumer app (think Facebook, Twitter, Gmail) is like building a car. Developing a business mobile app is like building a space shuttle: complex parts working as a whole, with a need for speed, accuracy, and the protection of mission-critical systems. Read More
Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

How to Craft an Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

It’s a given these days that a truly comprehensive mobile marketing strategy is one that falls in line with a greater, multi-channel marketing plan. According to a recent study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, mobile web use has doubled since 2009, with two-thirds of Americans who own cell phones now using them to surf the internet and check their email. Read More
Mobile App Design Mistakes

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Business App

It’s important to keep the big picture in mind when designing a mobile app for your business—an overarching strategy is vital to an effective, user-friendly app. But the details are no less important, as they contribute significantly to the success of the app in terms of both popularity and usefulness.Some of those details can be easy to overlook, so we’ve put together a list of the top mistakes to avoid when designing an enterprise mobile app. Read More

How To Measure the ROI of A Business Mobile App

It's no secret that a well-thought-out, effective mobile app can be a smart move for your business. Whether you are hoping to improve complicated day-to-day work systems, increase the communication between your virtual team members, or simply make mobile data access easier for your employees, a great mobile app can truly help you take your company's internal processes to the next level. Read More

[Infographic] 7 Key Players in a Great Mobile Strategy and Their Salaries

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The combined salaries of an average seven-person development team—from the IT project manager to the data security specialist—can cost upwards of $445,000 per year by conservative measures. On top of managing resources that are dedicated to your mobile solution, how it adds value to your business, and optimizing for heightened returns based on mobile analytics, many businesses fall short in assembling a fully capable mobility team. Read More

Does Your Company Have the Right Skills to Develop an App?

If your business is considering deploying a mobile app, then you are taking an important step toward enhancing your competitiveness. For the foreseeable future, mobile apps will play a leading role in expanding business opportunities, nurturing customer loyalty, and improving employee productivity. You may already have a highly skilled IT team that does an excellent job handling your website, traditional web applications, and server applications. Your first thought might be to assign the task of developing your mobile app to that team. Think again. Read More

4 Ways Mobile Business Apps Increase Operational Efficiency

It seems that everywhere you look, people are advocating the use of mobile apps to save businesses time and money. But you still wonder — beyond the allure of all those technological bells and whistles, do business apps really deliver what they promise? Or are they just another expense that, in the end, can’t really be justified by their ROI? Read More

The Importance of Mobile Analytics for Your App

Companies that have developed a mobile app for their business are constantly gathering data from these apps, but how do they analyze that data and turn it into useful information that can be used to meet business goals? The need for analytics tools is real, but what changes should be made in light of the data a company receives from its mobile apps? There are several sets of data that an analytics tool can collect and present to a company for use in their mobile app strategy. Read More
apps for small business

Why Mobile Apps Are Beneficial For Small Businesses

In the ever-growing and changing world of technology “app” is a word heard all throughout the day. Whether it’s an alarm app that gets you out of bed, or a reviews app that helps you figure out where you want to have lunch, there’s no changing the fact that society as a whole uses mobile devices and the apps that accompany them to plan out their lives. Because of this growing lifestyle change, it’s important, especially small businesses, to keep up and have your own app made specifically for your audience. Read More

Mobile App vs Mobile Website: Which Is Better?

With the continuous growth of smartphone use worldwide, the consumption of marketing content is increasingly becoming a mobile pastime. And that mobile marketing content can be distributed in one of two ways—either through a mobile website, or via a mobile app.But when faced with the question of "mobile app vs mobile website," which of these two options is better for your company? Read More

Creating Customer Loyalty Through Mobile Apps

In the contemporary world of social media-driven marketing, relationships are everything. Consumers no longer have patience for one-way advertising and slick sales tactics. Instead, they look for service in the form of valuable, free content, easy and instant purchases, and meaningful interactions with brands via social media. Read More
mobile app security

4 Vital Security Considerations for Any Mobility Strategy

When considering the implementation of an enterprise mobility strategy, security must be one of the primary concerns addressed. If strong security measures are put in place throughout the entire process, from enterprise mobile app development to deployment to daily use by employees, then the introduction of a mobility strategy can provide real ROI. But if security is lacking in any way, allowing mobile access to your company’s data and network can do more harm than good. Read More

The Importance of Analytics in Business Mobile Apps

Business mobile app development is an effective means of taking your organization to the next level, whether that means increasing operational efficiency and employee productivity, or expanding your customer base. But a key element of app development often overlooked by companies eager to dive into the world of enterprise mobile apps is the drafting of a mobility strategy. Read More

Should You Block Social Apps In The Workplace?

It's hard enough getting your employees to stay motivated and on task at work without having to compete with social apps that tend to encourage procrastination. While your employee’s intention may have honestly been to “just check Facebook for a quick second,” often times, before they know it, hours of their afternoon have passed and they're 16 photo albums deep in their best friend’s profile page. Read More

3 Legal Issues Surrounding Employee Privacy And BYOD

As with any new undertaking in a business, the first and most important step is to create a strategy for its development and implementation. And as with any new strategy, one of the first and most important considerations is how to handle the legal issues surrounding this new undertaking. Read More
App Loyalty

The Importance of Loyalty For Consumer-Facing Mobile Apps

There are a lot of different ways to measure the success of your company’s mobile application. For some businesses, it’s all about conversions and getting consumers to purchase their products. For others, a high number of unique app views may be the most important factor, as it means that fresh eyes are finding your company and being introduced to your brand for the first time. However, one thing that should never be overlooked when it comes to measuring the success of your consumer-facing mobile app is how loyal your users are to your brand. Read More

The Framework of Great Mobile Security

There is a very real concern about corporate data breaches via employee mobile devices, whether they are personal devices or company-owned. People carry their mobile devices everywhere with them, and sometimes lose them to carelessness or theft. Passwords aren’t enough to protect the data these devices hold. Read More
4 Steps to Creating a Mobile Strategy

4 Steps To Creating a Mobile App Development Strategy

When a business makes the decision to take the plunge into the world of mobile app development, it’s understandable that they’d want as quick a turnaround as possible. Diving in headfirst and getting an app developed and deployed at lightning speed may seem like a cost-effective plan, but in reality, the best way to approach mobile app development is to carefully craft a strategy first. Read More

[White Paper] Before the App: Build a Sound Mobile Strategy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Employees’ expectations of being able to work from anywhere, and customers’ expectations of having instant access to and responses from your company, are becoming nearly ubiquitous. Most companies find that they must embrace and enable mobile computing for their employees and customers if they wish to maximize employee productivity and maintain security in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) world, as well as remain competitive in a mobile-friendly marketplace. Is your enterprise considering building a business app? If so, build a sound mobile strategy first. Read More
Outsource Your Mobile App Development

The Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

If mobile app development is the next logical step your company needs to take in order to grow, you may be debating the pros and cons of outsourcing the job vs. handling it in-house. But as with any project, the first vital phase of work must be the creation of a strategy, a plan for both the mobile app itself, as well as its integration into your company’s business strategy as a whole. Read More
Choosing a Mobility Partner

Big Business Trends for 2015: Choose Your Own Device

What Mobile Strategy is Right for Your Business? Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, has been a mobility strategy that many businesses have invested in over the past few years. However, forecasts for 2015 are predicting that the BYOD trend will taper off as a new strategy arises. Choose your own device, or CYOD, is predicted to take off in 2015 as an alternative to a system that some see as costly and ineffective. Read More
Cross Platform Mobile Apps

5 Ways A Cross-Platform App Can Benefit Your Business

When your business needs a mobile app developed, there are many key questions that must be answered before that work can begin. What will the app do? How should it look? Will we develop it ourselves or outsource? How will this app fit into our overall business plan? Read More

[Video] Why Mobile Security Is Always at the Top of Our List

An effective mobile strategy begins with end-to-end mobile security. At SevenTablets, security is our top priority when we help customers reach their mobile goals. Watch the video below to see why our multifaceted approach to security keeps your company, your data and your end-users safe from evolving threats. Read More

Mobile ERP

4 Advantages That Mobile ERP Offers Your Enterprise

The term Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, encompasses every aspect of business operations, from inventory to human resources to CRM. Up until recently, the office computer was the sole domain of ERP, the only place where its huge amounts of data and complex business functionalities would fit. Read More

Is Big Data the Future of Enterprise Mobility?

With the enormous amount of information being gathered by enterprises on a daily basis, it was only a matter of time before someone coined a term to refer to it by. That term is, of course, big data. But the existence of this huge collection of data also precipitated the creation of new methods of analyzing and utilizing the information amassed. Read More