Statistics show that 85 percent of users prefer mobile apps over mobile websites. They perceive apps to be more convenient, faster, and easier to browse according to Compuware. These high expectations make well planned, fully considered mobile app design essential to… your success and functional.

User Needs Drive Effective UI/UX

Learn 11 Tips For Engaging Mobile UI/UX Design

  • Consider End Users in each step of the design process; understand their needs relative to your business.
  • Consistent Design means that users will navigate your app intuitively, assuming a logical interface and ease of use.
  • The 80/20 Rule means that your app will cater to the preferences of a vast majority of your users.

Eight out of ten apps are downloaded, used once and then deleted. When you can, do the “thinking” for the user whenever possible. Your application should be incredibly logical, require no instruction manual, and must be designed in such a way that leaves the engages the users to explore your app in a way that continues to add value. Unfortunately, for many companies this is no easy task and as a result, an effective mobile strategy is one that considers and overcomes this challenge effectively.

In a world where you have less than 10 seconds to capture a user’s attention, an engaging user experience through design that meticulously considers the end user must drive your UI and UX.

Download our complimentary infographic for 11 tips and more on the points mentioned above, plus other considerations such as text spacing, user friendly input forms, and color contrast.

User Needs Drive UX/UI

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Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones

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Charlie Jones

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