The mobile market is booming and the influx of competition makes it tough to launch truly successful apps in the main marketplaces. Emerging technology, new phone features, the IoT and cognitive computing are discussed frequently in the context of mobile app development, which makes keeping up with the latest trends seem impossible. Even though the rapid evolution of hardware and software can keep developers very busy, the basics of successful application development haven’t really changed. Thanks to this consistency, developing a long-lasting, scalable app can be done.


Common Features of Successful Apps

What needs to be considered to develop an app that pleases users long-term? Gartner believes that three fundamental aspects of an app’s design really matter:

User experience: Certainly, the most important thing about any application is the user’s experience (UX). The user interface (UI) is also important, but UX encompasses a number of features, including the way the application may integrate with other apps.

Associated business processes: Most applications aren’t designed to create an entirely new business process, but to improve or replace an older one. If the new application helps customers shop, or helps a supervisor enter regulatory compliance information, it should improve the business process over the manual alternative to these tasks. If the app doesn’t streamline the task it’s intended to accomplish it’s a poor investment.

Development architecture: Having the right development platforms in place can make future development quick and relatively painless. Good architecture should help developers work more efficiently, produce up-to-date, quality software, integrate with existing systems and take advantage of new design methods.

We know that consumers and business users demand the latest features in their mobile apps. Still, designing and developing successful apps might have less to do with new tech and more to do with a good design, analysis and architecture. Apps need to be easy to use, work well and offer convenience.

Call on SevenTablets for Design and Development of Your Successful App

Is your company’s next development project still a basic idea about a problem that needs solving or already in progress? Either way, SevenTablets can offer your company the assistance you need to make sure your project produces a successful app. Contact us right away for help with strategic planning, design, development, and even testing.We can turn your good ideas into great applications.

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Adam Rizzieri

Adam Rizzieri

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Adam Rizzieri

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