If your business is considering deploying a mobile app, then you are taking an important step toward enhancing your competitiveness. For the foreseeable future, mobile apps will play a leading role in expanding business opportunities, nurturing customer loyalty, and improving employee productivity. You may already have a highly skilled IT team that does an excellent job handling your website, traditional web applications, and server applications. Your first thought might be to assign the task of developing your mobile app to that team. Think again.

New Mobile Technology 2016Exploring the Possibilities that Mobility Brings

As you enter the mobile world, you will discover that designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining business apps for mobile devices requires a combination of the right skills, a unique focus and a vastly different thinking process. These additional burdens can easily suck time, energy, and resources from your existing IT team, causing both your web and mobile initiatives to suffer.

To ensure the success of your mobile strategy, start by taking a systematic approach to determining whether your organization has the right resources and skills to develop your mobile app. You’ll find that partnering with an experienced mobile strategist and app developer will help you get the job done better, faster, and more cost-efficiently.

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Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones

Senior Vice President at SevenTablets
Charles Jones serves as Senior Vice President of Business Operations and Development for SevenTablets. As a Business Operations subject matter expert, Charlie is responsible for developing working strategies/tactics and best practices that help drive top line revenue and bottom line profitability for SevenTablets and our clients.
Charlie Jones

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