You’ve seen the statistics by now. Smart phones are everywhere, consumer use of mobile business apps is skyrocketing, and companies are frantically rushing into app development in an effort to take advantage of the trend.

But what many companies fail to realize is that creating a mobile app simply to create an app will not bring about the desired results. App development, just like any other aspect of marketing, requires a strategy in order to be effective.

Mobile Apps Increase Customers

If the primary result you want from your business app is an increased customer base, then you’ll need to determine your app design accordingly. We’ve put together some tips to keep in mind as you develop your strategy.

1. Your app should solve a problem. If your business app can solve a common problem, people will be much more likely to download it. Think of problems that crop up on a regular basis pertaining to your industry, and find a way to allow an app to solve that problem for consumers. Once they see your business as the go-to company for help in your industry, they’ll quickly become your customers.

2. Your app should offer a valuable feature. There are some things that mobile websites and even regular websites just can’t do. This is where your app should come in. During the app development process, you should incorporate features that will be truly valuable to consumers, so that they use them over and over again. This way, your company will be top of mind whenever they decide to buy.

3. Your app should save consumers time. With the hectic pace of life today, anything that saves people time is worth its weight in gold. If you can offer consumers an app that allows them to squeeze in extra work, or take extra time for themselves, they will flock to it in droves. Seeing your company’s name each time they use the app will also keep you in their thoughts when they’re ready to purchase.

4. Your app should provide convenience. Whether you’re making it more convenient to buy, more convenient to pay a bill, or more convenient to do some other critical task, convenience is the name of the game in effective app development. Apps that are not themselves convenient to use will not be accessed more than once, but more than that, apps need to provide convenience to the consumer in some other aspect of their lives, as well, in order to attract users who eventually become customers.

5. Your app should give exclusive benefits. Everyone loves a deal, and if the only way to get it is to download and use your app, then so much the better. People enjoy feeling like part of an exclusive club, so mobile-only discounts or other benefits designed solely for app users are a great way to encourage people to become customers.

By keeping these five tips in mind as you come up with your app development strategy, you’ll be able to take advantage of consumer movement toward mobile in a deliberate, strategic manner, crafting a plan to fit your new app into your overall marketing strategy, and using it to increase your customer base successfully.


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Adam Rizzieri

Adam Rizzieri

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Adam Rizzieri

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