To ensure that your users experience a sleek, user-friendly “wow factor” every time they open your business app, it’s imperative to design your app with the end user in mind. This video explains our commitent to putting the “wow factor” in your mobile app and overall mobile strategy.

Video Transcript:

SevenTablets has one of the best UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design teams that I’ve come across. Very talented people. Their intuitive skills are second to none. So, when SevenTablets builds out an application, our designers have all of the factual information they need from our strategy sessions and from our fit-gap sessions with the end client. And what they’re able to do is take those concepts and design an app in a sleek, user-friendly sort of way. The “proof is in the pudding.”

And the response we get from our clients is, “Man, this is cool.” It’s the “wow factor.” SevenTablets has that “wow factor” built into our organization.

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Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones

Senior Vice President at SevenTablets
Charles Jones serves as Senior Vice President of Business Operations and Development for SevenTablets. As a Business Operations subject matter expert, Charlie is responsible for developing working strategies/tactics and best practices that help drive top line revenue and bottom line profitability for SevenTablets and our clients.
Charlie Jones