The smart phone market has evolved so quickly that even the most savvy tech users might be surprised by the things their device can do. Mobile developers and tech leaders need to stay current with emerging mobile capabilities, particularly those functions that appeal to consumers the most. It might help to consider an expert opinion about the most exciting features that manufacturers either have released recently, or are planning to release very soon, and what those additions mean for the future of development. If consumers and tech leaders are excited about these new mobile capabilities, it only makes sense to consider including them in your next project.

New Mobile Technology 2016Top New Smart Phone Capabilities

Gartner’s research director, Roberta Cozza, offered a list of what her research company considers the most important capabilities for 2016 and 2017. She says that vendors cannot afford to ignore these attractive abilities of the latest phones:

  • Quick charges and wireless charges
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Cameras with multiple lenses, such as the ones released on the iPhone 7 Plus
  • Biometric authentication sensors and technology
  • Flexible displays
  • Adherence to Wi-Fi 802.11 communication standards
  • Type C USB ports
  • Embedded e-sim cards
  • VPAs (Virtual Personal Assistants)

These aren’t the only new features, but they were selected because they improved phones in certain areas of usability. It’s obvious that faster-charging batteries would offer convenience for users. Gartner also considered the user experience, which is the technology used for the display, and the way the devices connect with the internet or other users.

One area to watch might be the way that VPAs will take over some functions that mobile apps handle now. As personal assistants get smarter and learn more, they will offer intent-driven interfaces for phones. Instead of telling the phones what they should do, users can just tell their phones what they want to get done. In turn, the VPA can offer suggestions. This more human method of operating a phone should make it easier for consumers to really enjoy all of the capabilities of their devices.

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