Security professionals use the term ransomware when they refer to a particular kind of computer virus that can lock computer systems or data. The criminals then offer to unlock the device after the victims pay a fee. In some cases, these cybercriminals even pose as employees of legitimate security companies and don’t admit that they caused the problem in the first place. This type of online crime has become so prevalent that the FBI posted an official warning in March of 2016.

Is Ransomware a Mobile-Only Problem?

Of course, this kind of computer virus started out on PCs and laptops, so it’s hardly a mobile-only issue. In fact, Forbes reported an increase in PC ransomware of 17 percent in the past 12 months. The increase in mobile attacks is even worse, as it quadrupled in the same timeframe. Since any connected device could be targeted by this kind of malware, experts worry that ransomware will eventually spread to the IoT.

Imagine trying to start a smart car and finding that the ignition has been locked up or the doors won’t open until a hefty fine is paid. Of course, if that starts to happen, it’s likely to get a lot of attention from law enforcement, the public and the press.

Due to these increasing threats, users need to continually install and update security apps for their mobile devices. They also need to pay attention to suspicious links on websites, in text messages, or in emails. It’s also wise to always update patches to the device’s operating system as soon as they have been published. Creating strong passwords and exercising great care when downloading files will also help.

At SevenTablets, We Will Teach Your Employees How to Remain Secure

Many employees use their own or their company’s mobile devices to access secure work systems with important company data. It’s past time for businesses to focus on mobile security, so if you haven’t crafted a plan, do it now. We help all kinds of companies stop threats to their mobile security before they happen. Learn more about what we do and tell us about your company.

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Adam Rizzieri

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