Regional and nationwide restaurant chains may have the resources to develop mobile apps that can help enhance their brand, engage with customers, and of course, grow revenue. The Starbucks app, for example, now accounts for 24% of the company’s revenue, amounting to more than three billion dollars each year. This app gives the coffee purveyor chain a chance to connect with users every time they look at their phones. Plenty of studies support the idea that eateries of all kinds can prosper by providing mobile apps, mostly because consumers tend to search for local business with their phones.

restaurant mobile appsLeveling the Playing Field with Local Restaurant Mobile Apps

Are there ways for family-owned diners and local chains to even the playing field with the big brands in the restaurant industry?, an online magazine about the restaurant industry, tackled that topic in a recent article. These are some explanations of Eater’s top suggestions.

Rapid app development: A restaurant’s first version of their app doesn’t have to provide all possible functions. In fact, it’s usually better to begin by identifying a few useful features that could really help improve the connection between the dining establishment and potential customers. That first app may just offer daily specials, promotional offers and/or online reservations. After the app is tested by the public, management can figure out which features users like most and then expand upon those. That way, after the initial development, the app should begin to pay for itself.

Cooperative app development: A group of small, local restaurants might even begin by cooperating with each other. The town’s restaurant owner’s association or other business organization might provide support and willing participants. This way, the restaurants can all share the costs and benefits of developing a quality application. Even if the restaurants compete in some ways, they can also cooperate to get more people to dine out in their city or town.

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