Of course, many different kinds of mobile devices are available. A mobile application development platform, or MADP, can help speed up development considerably. Typically, these platforms give developers the ability to create an app once and deploy it to multiple devices. It’s obvious that using an MADP offers advantages over having to code the same application many times for all the different devices on which it might get used.

Choosing the Best MADP For Your Business


Choosing the best MADP for any particular application depends upon the app’s intended features and the various types of operating systems on which the app should work. These choices should always be made based on research in what your end users require. It may also depend upon what the application needs to do and which resources are available to get the project completed and deployed.

Consider these points when evaluating various platforms:

  • Operating systems supported: Many companies hope to release versions of the same app for both iOS and Android devices, but some businesses may also want to give Windows and even Blackberry users a version of the app. Most MADPs support Android and iOS, but support for other operating systems is less common.
  • Type of app: The three kinds of mobile apps that might be built on an MADP are web-based, hybrid, and native; each has its own potential advantages and drawbacks. For example, native apps may run faster and use the device’s own built-in features; however, web apps are usually faster to develop because they run in browsers and are independent of operating systems. Some MADPs support more than one kind of mobile application, but few support all of them.
  • Ease of use: Some of the new MADP platforms have very intuitive interfaces and don’t require much coding skill to use, which can be a boon for companies that can’t spare a lot of developer resources or need to complete a simple application very quickly. Typically, these very user-friendly platforms don’t allow the same level of customization that more complex platforms do. It’s important to balance the level of required sophistication of the finished product against the skills and time the developer will need to complete it.

Let SevenTablets Simplify Your MADP Decision

One of the best ways to simplify mobile application development is to call upon SevenTablets for help. Not only can we get your project completed on time and within budget, we can also provide advice about the best kind of mobile application and MADP for your unique business needs. Contact us today and we’ll answer questions and map out a winning strategy for your next business mobility solution.

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