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Tips for Developing Fabulous App Name Ideas

What’s in a mobile app name? Well, your app’s name will have a major impact on how users perceive your brand. Imagine if Twitter had been dubbed “ChatWorld.” The entire brand image would be different and, arguably, less appealing.

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Picking the best name for your app helps you connect with your target audience.

The Top Mobile App Name Optimization Techniques

Now that the excitement of your company’s mobile app launch has worn off, you’ve started focusing on install stats. Feeling underwhelmed by the results, you queried some key search phrases and discovered your app isn’t showing prominently for those terms. Now you’re wondering, “Did I pick the wrong app name?”

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Should you develop for iOS, Android, or both?

Should I Develop for iOS or Android?

You’ve finally secured app funding, but now you’re confronted with a daunting question: “Should I develop for iOS, Android, or both?” It’s an issue you hadn’t considered so, naturally, you Google it. You discover that of the 432 million smartphones sold in the fourth quarter of 2016, 77 million ran iOS, while 352 million ran Android. But you also learn that not only are Apple apps, on average, more profitable, but a recent company survey revealed that a majority of your customers prefer iOS. Now you’re completely confused!

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It's important that your app reaches the right target audience.

How to Connect With Your Mobile App’s Target Audience

It took months of hard work and collaboration with your developer, but your B2C app is finally finished! But there’s a problem. You assumed users would be eager to download your new mobile app as soon as you shared the announcement via your email newsletter and social media. You’ve only had a few dozen downloads, though. A far cry from the thousands you expected. So what gives?

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Creating Customer Loyalty Through Mobile Apps

In the contemporary world of social media-driven marketing, relationships are everything. Consumers no longer have patience for one-way advertising and slick sales tactics. Instead, they look for service in the form of valuable, free content, easy and instant purchases, and meaningful interactions with brands via social media. Read More

Designing Your Mobile App Effectively

Designing Your Mobile App: Know Your Target Audience

It is vital to the success of your app to know who your end users are going to be. Understanding users’ needs and expectations for their mobile experience will inform many design and development decisions. Multiple factors such as age, gender, culture, socioeconomic status, education level, and language impact users’ requirements and ultimately, a company’s bottom line. Read More

Why Cross-Platform App Development Is Vital For Reaching Your Audience

What are the demographics of your company’s audience? Do you aim your marketing efforts at a younger crowd, such as Millennials? Or do you focus more on trying to reach Baby Boomers? Maybe you market to a diverse crowd, but segment your marketing materials in order to be sure you’re hitting the right themes with each different group. Read More

15 Incredible Mobile Marketing Statistics

Despite the prevalence of smart phones and tablets these days, some companies are still hesitant to delve wholeheartedly into the world of mobile marketing through mobile apps. They feel unsure of how to approach mobile marketing, or they wonder if developing mobile apps will result in a real ROI. Read More