An effective mobile strategy begins with end-to-end mobile security. At SevenTablets, security is our top priority when we help customers reach their mobile goals. Watch the video below to see why our multifaceted approach to security keeps your company, your data and your end-users safe from evolving threats.

 Video Transcript:

Whenever SevenTablets gets involved with any sort of mobile engagement, security is always on the top of the list. You hear all of these horror stories of companies being breached and customer data being “out there.” SevenTablets takes a very holistic approach when it comes to: encryption, sign-on, protecting the data, protecting the customer, protecting the end user. We look at the mobile device management: protecting the device, protecting the app, and protecting the content.

As we move forward, security is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. We’re always looking at new technologies, new encryption methodologies, etc. Someone can then take an app and know that their information is secure, their data is secure, and their device is secure.

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Adam Rizzieri

Adam Rizzieri

Director of Digital Marketing at SevenTablets
Adam Rizzieri has worked to build a marketing organization that has yielded a revenue growth of over 300% relative to the past three years of business combined.

Adam cultivated the creation of an industry leading $300M affiliate program and also worked as a marketing consultant on the start-up team of a now publicly traded commercial energy brokerage firm. He was one of the first media buyers on Facebook, and also among the first to work in the SAG-AFTRA New Media (WebTV) industry, serving the online commercial and content needs of major Hollywood studios.

Adam holds a BA from Southern Methodist University and a MS in International Marketing Management from Boston University.
Adam Rizzieri

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