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Agile Mobile App Development

Ask about our unique, open source platform, STAX. No one else has anything like this. Our agile development platform and its components deliver higher performing apps for iOS and Android, painless scalability, and seamless updates.

Ask about STAX 2.0

Speed Matters

Our mobile apps load up to 85% faster than the App Store standard. 500 milliseconds is the bare minimum. Be the best and provide response times of 200 milliseconds.

Lightning Fast Performance

SevenTablets Load Time 200MS
Industry Standard Load Time 500MS

To get your company on the path to mobility faster and at an optimal cost, we’ve developed a framework called SevenTablets Architecture for Cross-platform Design and Development, or “STAX.” What this means for you:

  • Cross-platform apps (one backend) that support both native and hybrid, with a 35-40% reduction in dev time and cost.
  • Lean server-side components (with only the required libraries); less resource-intensive on the server.
  • Ability to white label your apps.
  • Access to a large library of pre-built components that decrease development time; includes notification, big data, analytics, etc.
  • Ability to scale linearly with ease (tested for loads up to 100K transactions/sec ); low network latency, response within 200ms.
  • A cloud-agnostic platform; runs on machines, in your data centers, or in public clouds.
  • OpenMEAP based (combines an industry-leading stack of technologies), no/low license costs, no vendor lock-in.

How STAX Works

STAX is a mobile framework built on a foundation of industry-leading, “plug-and-play” components. It extends from the mobile device to the server cluster in the cloud and is comprised of three components: 1) A mobile platform that enables rapid development of native and hybrid apps, 2) An enterprise communication platform with military-grade security features, and 3) MBaaS: A Mobile Backend as a Service, which provides a scalable interface for your mobile apps.

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Developer

Designing, developing, testing, and maintaining mobile apps requires a special set of skills and resources. Make sure the developer you hire is well-equipped to handle your project. Download our latest ebook ’10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Developer’ to learn how to choose the right partner.