Director of Digital Marketing

S. Adam Rizzieri

Adam Rizzieri joined SevenTablets, Inc. in the Fall of 2015 as the Director of Digital Marketing where he works to communicate how best the core competencies of the company translate into high value propositions for prospective and current clients. In this capacity, he works closely with Mr. Charles Jones, SVP of Business Operations, and Mr. Kishore Khandavalli, Chief Executive Officer, to develop online strategies that champion SevenTablets as a thought leader in the enterprise mobility space, leveraging technology as an investment towards creating the highest value for clients.

Previously, Adam managed an industry leading partnership marketing program for a top online subscription-based product company where he worked with high budget Pay-Per-Click search and Email marketers among a handful of highly trafficked, brand-name websites to optimize their EPCs (earnings per click) in line with company needs specific to profitability and sales volume. Prior to that, Adam worked as a marketing consultant and served on the start-up team of a now publicly traded commercial energy brokerage firm. With over a decade of experience in online marketing, Adam was one of the first media buyers on Facebook and also among the first to work in the SAG-AFTRA New Media (WebTV) industry, serving the online commercial and content needs of major Hollywood studios.

Adam holds a BA from Southern Methodist University and has worked towards a MS in International Marketing Management from Boston University.