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At SevenTablets, our skillful team of Dallas mobile app developers has partnered with outstanding clients in several industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, insurance and network marketing. The mobile app solutions we’ve created continue to boost our clients’ efficiency, profitability, and success.


SevenTablets provides custom app development services to create the perfect app to fit the unique needs of your specific business and industry. We also build social media portals, IoT apps, e-commerce platforms and other app-based interfaces for companies throughout Texas—including Dallas, Houston, Austin—and beyond.


Our insurance apps reduce call center costs with real-time analytics and other features that ensure up-to-date HIPAA compliance.

insurance mobile application
Financial Services Industry

Financial Services 

Our financial apps are outfitted with tools for enhanced team management, intuitive sales features for representatives and military-grade security.


Our social media apps help users do everything from connecting with like-minded friends to discovering new places, editing photos, and sharing their lives with the world.

social mobile apps
MLM Mobile Apps

Network Marketing

Apps can take a network marketing business to the next level, as representatives can track sales goals, communicate with their teams, and enjoy e-commerce tools. Our MLM apps empower ambassadors to succeed.

Manufacturing and IoT

Our mobile apps help our clients streamline operations through GPS asset tracking, inventory management, QC tools, and reporting. With IoT capabilities, managing and monitoring your IoT has never been easier.

Manufacturing IoT Apps
healthcare mobile apps


With HIPPA compliance and excellent security protocols, mobile apps can transform the antiquated world of healthcare. Our apps help companies and patients connect easily and securely.

e-Commerce and Retail

SevenTablets develops user-friendly retail and e-commerce apps, with an intuitive interface that’s designed to maximize sales and bolster your bottom line.

Trust Your Mobile App to a Dallas App Development Company

When seeking a mobile app developer, it’s important that you choose a firm with extensive experience building the type of app you require. It’s vital that your developer understands your needs and the needs of your target audience. After all, this knowledge is critical to ensuring you have an engaging and functional user interface (UI). A positive user experience (UX) tends to be a byproduct of a well-refined UI design.

At SevenTablets, we build native and hybrid apps, both B2B and B2C, for clients in many industries, including insurance, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing/IoT, social and e-commerce. We have samples in each of these business sectors, which provides an opportunity to get a feel for the quality of our work. Additionally, STAX, our open source app platform features front-end and back-end components, allowing us to shorten your project’s development timeframe and cost by as much as 35 to 40 percent.

DallasHouston and Austin-based developers with SevenTablets work with local clients, along with companies in Chicago and across the United States. We invite you to contact the SevenTablets team today to begin your app development project.