Augmented Reality Mobile Apps:
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Augmented Reality in Mobile Apps

Just a few years ago, augmented reality (AR) technology was isolated to only the most sophisticated software programs, which were mostly proprietary in nature. Pricey hardware was often required as well. But today, AR has evolved into a mainstream tool for business or entertainment. It’s even available from the comfort of your mobile device both in the form of augmented reality mobile apps.

Augmented reality really rose into the public consciousness in two years ago, when the Pokémon GO app was released. Suddenly, mobile users had the ability to enter a digital dimension of their everyday world; a dimension where you could search out and capture various Pokémon creatures. It was so engrossing that thousands of players visited parks together to catch the elusive fictional characters on their mobile phones. The droves of people who left their homes to play Pokémon GO proves just how engaging augmented reality technology can be. In fact, it could be argued that few other technologies capture the imagination in a comparable way.

So, what is augmented reality technology all about, how is it being utilized and how will this technology evolve in the future? These are all fair questions that are increasingly common, particularly amongst companies that are seeking to develop an AR mobile app for their business needs.

What is an Augmented Reality Mobile App?

The term “augment” means to alter or change, so in a literal sense, many AR apps alter the user’s reality. This can be achieved by blending real life inputs, such as pre-captured video footage or live footage from a device’s camera, with digital renderings. Here are some innovative augmented reality app types:


  • Clothes Fitting & Virtual Try-On
  • Training & Education
  • Real Estate & Tours
  • Mobile App Games

Case Study: Fit Freedom

The development team at SevenTablets has extensive experience implementing augmented reality technology in apps that are developed for the apparel and retail sectors. One example is our Fit Freedom App, developed for Rebel Athletic, a cheerleading manufacturer that specializes in custom and couture athletic garments.

The Fit Freedom App was designed to provide coaches and sales reps with the ability to obtain accurate measurements of cheerleading squad team members. This leads to extremely well-fitting garments thanks to the measurements the app produces. These measurements are about 20% more accurate than those taken by hand. When outfitting an entire cheerleading squad, that can result in significant savings due to fewer returns/modifications and a far easier ordering process.

Where Are Augmented Reality Apps Headed in the Future?

Augmented reality is rapidly evolving into a must-have technology, as there are countless possibilities for new uses and applications of AR within the business world and beyond, into academia and the gaming world.

Academia was one of the first sectors to use augmented reality mobile apps for educational purposes, but we’re now seeing more and more companies investing in proper technology. Companies are developing enterprise apps that can be used in-house to teach, train and refine skills. The net effect is greater productivity, increased accuracy/precision and a better end result, whether it’s a plastic surgery procedure, a dangerous and complex re-wiring project or a factory that wishes to train employees to operate machinery and equipment in a safe environment.

We’re also seeing businesses using augmented reality to showcase possibilities that were previously limited to one’s imagination. For example, a hair stylist can provide clients with renderings of how various hair colors, cuts and styles may appear before a single strand is ever snipped or dyed. This results in a higher level of satisfaction for clients. Plus, there’s also the novelty of these client-facing apps, which means some clients may do business with the salon simply so they can utilize this technology. That can translate into a significant competitive advantage.

It’s also conceivable that we’ll see augmented reality applications that are designed for everyday usage. For example, there could be a virtual closet app that allows users to add their garments to a database, which can then be used to virtually try on various outfits. This means users could pick out the perfect outfit before even getting out of bed! Similar apps could be created for hairstyles, makeup, interior design and any other time-consuming or inconvenient process that entails lots of options.

There’s no telling how the most creative and innovative companies will be using augmented reality in the coming years, but it’s clear that the potential is virtually unlimited. This is one technology that is sure to be on the scene for many years to come.

Find the Right Augmented Reality Partner

At SevenTablets, our developers have lots of experience creating augmented reality apps. We’re also well-versed in integrating other cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, predictive analytics and blockchain. This means we’re perfectly positioned to help you leverage the newest technology to maximize your company’s success.

Based in Dallas, SevenTablets works with clients throughout Texas—including Austin and Houston—and beyond. If you’re ready to discuss your project, contact our team today.

One Step Closer to the Next Level

If you’re ready to use artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to take your company to the next level, you’ll need an experienced developer who is comfortable with more than just AI and PA technology. It’s also critical that your development team is well-versed in fields such as big data, natural language processing and machine learning. That’s precisely what we offer here at SevenTablets, as our developers specialize in many of the newest emerging technologies. Our specialties include artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, augmented reality, virtual reality and natural language processing.

Based in Dallas, SevenTablets serves clients across the region, including Austin and Houston. We also work with clients outside of Texas, with a clientele spanning the United States and beyond. We encourage you to reach out to our team today to discuss your project.

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