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Why You Should Choose Cross-Platform Apps Over Native Apps

Why You Should Choose Cross-Platform Apps Over Native Apps

At the beginning of the mobile app development process, many clients struggle with the decision of whether to build a cross-platform app or a native app for iOS, Android (or both). But once you’re informed about the realities of modern mobile app platforms, you’ll find that the decision is actually a very easy one because today’s cross-platform apps—also known as hybrid apps—deliver far greater benefits over a native app. So why are more and more companies opting for cross-platform mobile app development where before, the native route was more popular? Find out what companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Tesla, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Skype and many others have already discovered: cross-platform apps are the way to go. Read More
How to Market a Mobile App Successfully

How to Market a Mobile App Successfully: Tips for Marketing Software

Crafting an incredible, user-friendly mobile application or software platform is only the first step of the larger development process. If you don’t market your product successfully, then you risk a scenario where you fail to recoup your investment. In short, it doesn’t matter how fabulous your new digital creation happens to be if nobody knows it exists. That’s where a strong marketing strategy comes into play. Read More

The Top 3 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Manufacturing

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the manufacturing industry in some pretty dramatic ways, from boosting efficiency, increasing defect detection rates and reducing scrap waste to improving sales forecasts and even giving company leaders the insights they need to revamp business models.

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Updating an App for iPadOS - What it Means for Your Business

Updating an App for iPadOS – What it Means for Your Business

Apple has announced that a new iPad operating system – aptly named iPadOS – will be launched in the fall of 2019. This means that now is the time for companies to update mobile apps to work on this new and improved iPad OS! In fact, according to a keynote speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019, this iPadOS will include game-changing features that are intended to eradicate the functional gap between laptops and tablets. Read More


Creating a Virtual Reality App: What You Need to Know

Creating a virtual reality app is no small feat, as this type of technology can be extremely complex both from a design perspective and from a technical perspective. Of the many types of software and mobile apps, virtual reality tends to be one technology that requires a slightly longer-than-average development time frame. The average cost to build a VR mobile app is also a bit higher compared to apps that utilize a different technology. Read More


The 4 Most Important Mobile App Testing Best Practices

Quality assurance (QA) testing is an essential element of the mobile app development process. It is this testing that will refine the app’s user interface (UI) so it delivers a smooth, intuitive experience to the user. UI/UX testing is a key component of the quality assurance process, which involves a comprehensive examination of the mobile app’s navigation, functionalities, and overall ease of use. Read More

What is the Future of Augmented Reality Apps?

What is the Future of Augmented Reality Apps?

Many forms of technology gain rapid popularity, only to putter out once the novelty fades or a new, better technology takes its place. But the future of augmented reality apps is quite bright, as this is one form of technology with true staying power. In fact, as time has passed, augmented reality apps have gained even more momentum as an increasing number of companies launch applications and software that leverage this technology.

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What are the Advantages of Custom Software Development?

Companies often spend countless hours and large sums of money seeking the right software platform for their needs. And once they find a workable software solution, there's the issue of integration which can be a very complex and costly process.

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There’s a New Wi-Fi Update Coming and This Time You Can Remember Its Name

It’s been quite the journey for Wi-Fi so far. Consumers have now had access to wireless internet service for 20 years and the technology continues to evolve. In fact, with the latest Wi-Fi update, we are moving away from Wi-Fi 802.11ac to make way for WiFi 6.

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Why You Should Consider a Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Technology has enabled the healthcare industry to make serious headway in recent years. In fact, shifting operations and systems to the digital realm—known as a “digital transformation”—helps medical organizations become more efficient, refine treatment options and cut costs. A digital transformation in healthcare could mean anything from digitizing customer records, moving data and applications to the cloud or improving the mobile strategy. Read More
Why Mobile Apps are Critical to Business Success eBook

Why Mobile Apps Are Critical to Business Success [eBook]

As more and more business operations become digital, having a mobile app has become necessary in order for a company to remain competitive. Business mobile apps offer a slew of tempting benefits, including increased visibility, better customer engagement and more consistent revenue generation. Read More

Blockchain is helping to improve the security of IoT devices.

How Can Blockchain Improve IoT Security?

Most people are familiar with at least one Internet of Things (IoT) device, as the term refers to everything from smartphones to smart home hubs like the Amazon Echo. Statista predicts that the global IoT market will increase from $249.2 billion in 2018 to $457.29 billion in 2020, suggesting that the industry is the healthiest it’s ever been and shows no signs of slowing down. Read More
Businesses in a range of industries should consider cloud integration.

How Does a Cloud Integration Platform Work?

Companies are constantly on the hunt for new ways to improve efficiency and increase the flexibility of their systems and operations. Among the most groundbreaking technological developments in the workplace are cloud integration platforms, which allow businesses to host data and applications in a centralized manner. Read More
There are many reasons to integrate artificial intelligence into your mobile strategy.

The Benefits of Adding AI to Your Existing Mobile Platforms

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the most important technologies throughout the 21st century, and it continues to gain prominence today. In fact, a PwC study of 2,500 U.S. consumers found that 72% of business decision-makers see AI as offering a noticeable business advantage. This indicates that industry leaders are recognizing the value of implementing artificial intelligence into their mobile strategies. Read More
It's important that you implement the latest security features for your app.

A Mobile App Security Checklist: What You Should Include

In a time when data breaches are affecting businesses from small startups to enterprises, mobile security is more important than ever. In fact, not having the right security measures in place can mean the difference between your mobile app thriving or facing a serious setback. Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated with each passing day, so it’s critical that you cover your bases when implementing security measures for your mobile application. Read More
Predictive analytics are improving the recruitment process.

How to Use Predictive Analytics Tools for HR

In recent years, human resource teams have begun leveraging predictive analytics (PA) to automate certain tasks while helping employees complete their work at a higher level. From improving recruitment to helping companies overcome bias, predictive analytics tools for HR are playing an integral role in creating more balanced work environments far and wide. Today, we’re taking a look at several key ways businesses are using PA to improve their HR operations. Read More

How Machine Learning and AI Benefit Healthcare [Infographic]

How Machine Learning and AI Benefit Healthcare Machine learning and AI produce impactful benefits for a wide range of industries. We're excited to see how these technologies revolutionize healthcare by significantly improving diagnostic capabilities, speeding up treatment, reducing infections and hospital re-admissions.  Read More
There are many benefits that make cloud hosting for mobile apps that make it a great option.

Cloud Hosting for Mobile Apps: What are the Benefits?

While many businesses are still creating apps that store app data within users’ devices, this technique leaves user information vulnerable to data breaches and limits the types of platforms that are compatible with these apps. Fortunately, there’s a better alternative: cloud hosting. Read More
The cost of virtual reality app development varies depending on complexity.

How Much Does Virtual Reality Mobile App Development Cost?

Virtual reality (VR) is one of the hottest technologies in the mobile app development world thanks to its ability to deliver content in an immersive and interactive manner. The virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) industries have been growing at a furious rate, amassing a net worth of $27 billion by 2018. This figure is expected to grow to $192.7 billion by 2022, per Statista. Clearly, businesses are realizing the value of having virtual reality in their fold. Read More
Augmented reality is expanding the options for visual artists.

How Augmented Reality Apps are Transforming Visual Arts

The visual arts world requires creativity, precision and a passion for innovation. While some purists believe that technology should not play a role in art, artists are leveraging technology to approach their work in new ways. Read More
Make sure your app design creates a positive user experience.

The Top 4 Mobile App UX Design Tips

There are many common mobile app user experience (UX) design mistakes that developers make when they focus on maximizing revenue from an impersonal, logical standpoint. An app should feel intuitive for users, helping to connect them with your brand on a more human level.   Read More
The role of mobile in retail will continue to expand in 2019 and 2020.

2019-2020 Retail Forecast: The Top 5 Tech Trends

The retail industry has been evolving at a rapid pace in recent years thanks to the exponential growth of technological advancements designed to aid retail businesses. There are plenty of exciting new developments in the retail sphere that became more prominent in 2018 and are expected to reach even more companies in 2019. Read More

Retail Augmented Reality: Trends and Outlook

The role of augmented reality (AR) in retail expands with each passing year, suggesting that the technology may soon be necessary for retail businesses to thrive. There are many ways in which augmented reality can help retail businesses, from providing virtual dressing rooms to expanding brand awareness.  Read More
There any many benefits to enterprise software development.

Enterprise Software Development Best Practices You Should Know

Businesses have been spending more on enterprise software development over the last decade. In fact, global enterprise software spending was at $225.51 billion in 2009, and the figure jumped to $405 billion in 2018, according to Statista. And this is for good reason; enterprise software provides a host of benefits to companies, including new revenue avenues, streamlined work processes and more engaged employees. Read More
Integrated cloud solutions help your company operate more efficiently.

Integrated Cloud Solutions: What You Need to Know

Businesses in virtually every industry need to constantly seek leaner and faster solutions in order to succeed. Integrated cloud solutions are at the forefront of the evolution of data and applications, offering benefits such as increased flexibility, better scalability and improved access to information. Because cloud integration breaks down data silos and bolsters connectivity, it’s easier to share data across various applications or unify data from disparate sources into a single location. Read More
It's important to optimize the UX of a CRM mobile app.

CRM Mobile App Design: Top 3 Tips for Creating a Strong UX

Businesses that work with many clients need a strong customer relationship management (CRM) strategy in order to survive and thrive. A successful CRM mobile app design can work wonders, helping companies to add new revenue streams, earn higher profits and improve customer conversion and retention rates. Read More
Predictive analytics and machine learning are teaming up to make the world a more equitable place.

How Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Neutralize Human Bias

We all have preconceived notions based on our life experiences, which can sometimes create a flawed sense of intuition. Such human bias can negatively impact our decisions, especially in professional settings such as a college admissions office or a job recruitment company. Read More
These tips will help you craft a well-designed user interface for a machine learning app.

4 Ways Machine Learning Influences UI Design

Machine learning (ML) is one of the most important technologies of the last decade, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This technology can gather vast amounts of data and then identify patterns in that data, thereby providing valuable insights for businesses. Read More
The custom software development process can be broken down into manageable steps.

How Does the Custom Software Development Process Work?

Custom software development can play an integral role in the success of a company’s mobile strategy. While generic software may work well enough, it can never meet your company’s precise, unique needs the way that a custom developed piece of software can. You can work directly with your developer to find solutions to common issues your company or your clients face, thereby expanding brand awareness and increasing your earning potential. Read More
Natural Language Processing is Changing the Way We Navigate Apps

Natural Language Processing is Changing the Way We Navigate Apps

Natural language processing (NLP) technology has evolved rapidly over the last decade, creating a bridge between humans and computers. NLP combines artificial intelligence and smart algorithms capable of understanding human language. The technology is becoming more nuanced, as it can now understand a variety of accents and dialects. Read More

5 Ways 5G Connection Speeds are Going to Change the World as We Know It

Soon, we’ll live in a world where our personal devices are equipped with rapid 5G connection speeds. The technology marks the fifth generation of wireless internet technology and is slated to offer network speeds of more than 1Gbps. With 5G, we’ll be able to watch YouTube videos in full HD, engage in truly immersive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality platforms, incredible online gaming experiences or stream 4K HD content (and even 8K content) on a regular ”wifi-free” basis anytime and anywhere. Read More
Internet of Things applications have a bright future.

Internet of Things Future Trends: How Will IoT Evolve?

The Internet of Things (IoT) space is currently one of the most exciting segments in the tech world. The technology is evolving rapidly, connecting mobile, home and business devices with each other. In fact, the global IoT market is expected to reach nearly $250 billion by the end of 2018 and more than $457 billion by the end of 2020, according to Statista. Read More
Following these best practices will ensure a smooth cloud data integration process.

Making the Most of Cloud Data Integration: Best Practices

Cloud data integration is a key part of any company’s digital transformation. It helps business operations run smoother and faster and lets them handle larger server loads. Cloud data integration also increases server and data security, scalability, and operational flexibility. In fact, LogicMonitor looked at the current state of the cloud and found that digital transformations are the main reason (63%) why businesses adopt cloud data integration. The study projected that 83% of enterprise workloads would be in the cloud by 2020. Read More

What Data Sources Are Required for Predictive Analytics?

Every business uses data to drive their business decisions. So, why the need for predictive analytics if you are already using data? Comparing data with and without predictive analytics is like comparing a domestic cat to a Bengal Tiger–there is a vast difference. Read More
Hotels are making great use of mobile apps.

Mobile Apps for Hotels and Short-Term Rentals: IoT and Beyond

Businesses have been developing mobile apps for hotels and short-term rentals in an effort to succeed in the ever-changing hospitality industry. Technology plays a large role in the hospitality industry thanks to its ability to improve the guest experience through added convenience and comfort. Read More
Augmented reality is creating a more interactive classroom.

The Top Uses for Augmented Reality in Education

The education industry has already started using augmented reality (AR) in the classroom. Mobile apps that use AR are helping create a more three-dimensional experience for students and lecturers. Augmented reality is a technology used in mobile apps to reveal digitally-overlaid content on top of the real world. Read More

How to Use Predictive Modeling for Revenue Forecasting

Sales forecasting is one of the biggest challenges every business leader has to deal with. Month after month, sales teams come up with revenue forecasts that management teams have to accept while knowing there is at the most a 46% accuracy of meeting targets. This is a forecast that is less accurate than flipping a coin. Optimism is great, but for CEOs trying to set up expenses that are dependent on revenue, this is always a cause for concern. More and more businesses are turning toward predictive modeling specifically for revenue forecasting. Read More
Real estate companies can benefit from developing a mobile app.

Mobile Apps for Real Estate and Multi-Family Housing

Mobile apps for real estate and multi-family housing offer property owners more direct ways of conducting business. These apps allow tenants to pay rent through the app, request maintenance, get in touch with the landowner, and ask questions. Plus, such an app can record transactions, offer receipts, send warnings for late payments and more. Read More
Data Visualization Blog

3 Reasons Why Data Visualization is Critical for Business Decision Making

Have you ever wondered why traffic signals are based on color rather than text? We see the green walk sign or the red stop light and they immediately get us to react. With vision being our dominant sense, humans are wired to consume and understand visual information. Read More
React is Revolutionizing Hybrid Apps

How React is Revolutionizing Mobile Apps

It’s a common dilemma: Do you develop a native app that will only work on one platform or a hybrid app that plays well with multiple platforms and devices? While a hybrid app reaches more users in one fell swoop, in the past, the performance and user experience could be lacking. Hybrid apps used to cause a learning curve for mobile development teams that only had experience with native environments.   Read More
3 Reasons Your Business Needs Predictive Modeling

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Predictive Modeling

According to a whitepaper published by IDC and IBM, the return on investment (ROI) of business analytics solutions that incorporate predictive analytics is about 250%. This statistic illustrates why more businesses are turning toward predictive analytics to stay ahead of their competitors. Technology adoption, after all, is everywhere and in every sphere of operation. More information has been generated in the last 10 years than ever before. Brands are in a race to adopt technologies that can retain customers and to find new business opportunities. This is why predictive analytics is now on the map for businesses of all sizes. Read More
5 Ways PA Improves E-commerce

5 Ways Predictive Analytics Improves E-Commerce Sales

Amazon seems to read our minds, often predicting what we want even before we even know it.  Predicting customers’ orders is vital to increasing sales while reducing inventory and supply chain costs. Simply put, that is what predictive analysis for e-commerce is all about. Can you risk being wrong-footed when others in the industry are getting it right? Read More
Data Visualization Beyond Spreadsheet

Data Visualization: Beyond the Spreadsheet

Whether you love or hate spreadsheets, we all need them. Spreadsheets have revolutionized data since the 1980s when they were the “new kid on the block.” Every accountant swears by them and business analysts spend hours trying to make sense of the rows and rows of numbers. But, for the human mind, a picture is still worth a thousand words. These very same business analysts are looking to go beyond the pie charts and graphs of these spreadsheets. Read More
How can predictive analytics technology help prevent prescription drug overdose?

Combating Prescription Drug Overdose with Predictive Analytics

Over the last two decades, the U.S. has been plagued with high rates of prescription drug overdose. About 142 American citizens die every day from drug overdoses, many of which are caused by prescription medications obtained legally. Additionally, the number of opioids prescribed as of 2015 is three times as high as the number of prescriptions given out in 1999. Due to these staggering statistics, doctors and data scientists are working towards using predictive analytics to reduce the number of prescription drug overdoses. Read More
Healthcare organizations should consider custom software development.

Custom Software Development for Healthcare: What are the Benefits?

Hundreds of hospitals and other healthcare organizations have started to realize the benefits of custom software development. After all, generic healthcare software is incapable of handling the demands of a modern organization, and they create operational inefficiencies that slow companies down. Read More
Reduce Healthcare Costs PA

4 Ways to Reduce Healthcare Costs with Predictive Analytics

In 2018, the national per capita healthcare expenditure in the U.S. is projected to be about $11,193. This number has been steadily growing over the years. What’s most alarming about this figure is that it’s double what other ‘rich’ countries are spending per person. Surprisingly, this high expenditure does not come with better health outcomes and hospital revenues have plateaued.

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PA Supply Chain Inventory Management

Predictive Analytics: Reducing the Cost of Supply Chain and Inventory Management

With supply chains becoming larger and more complex, it is becoming more difficult to improve service through a reduced order-cycle time while enhancing inventory availability and reducing operating costs at the same time. Big data is revolutionizing the optimization of supply chain and inventory management by improving visibility. It is telling a compelling story that is making leaders listen. Companies that have adopted predictive analysis see up to a 50% reduction in non-performing inventory and a 25% reduction in inventory holding costs, thus freeing up working capital. Read More
Financial companies are finding innovative uses for machine learning technology.

Machine Learning in Finance: 4 Ways Companies are Reaping the Benefits of ML

Machine learning (ML) is one of the most powerful tools in today’s professional world. The technology consists of algorithms that allow devices to learn patterns and trends from large datasets. Then, a company can leverage an ML mobile app that uses this data to develop valuable business insights. Read More
Predictive Customer Analytics

4 Ways Predictive Analytics Make Customer Service More Efficient

Have you ever gotten caught up on Facebook clicking one after another on the videos and articles it throws up on your page? Or possibly on Amazon where you end up buying something you didn’t even know you needed 10 minutes ago? Many online sites are using predictive analysis to target and retain customers by creating personalized content for them. Read More
The enterprise software development process is complex.

What is the Enterprise Software Development Process Like?

The enterprise software development process is complex because the developer must understand an enterprise’s needs from top to bottom. Such an application should contain functionalities that enhance the lives of the company’s employees and solve problems across the organization. The software may have tools to improve the role of salespeople, streamline communication, reduce inefficiencies in the finance department and more. Read More
PA and Credit Card Fraud Blog

How Financial Institutions Use Predictive Analytics to Detect Credit Card Fraud

Despite the introduction of more secure chip technology, credit card fraud is still one of the biggest concerns of banks and credit card companies. After all, fraudsters continually change their tactics to get around any security measures that are put in place. A recent Nilson report projects that global total loss due to credit card scams and fraud will be a whopping $32.96 billion by 2021. Many financial companies are now looking at predictive analysis to see if they can depress these numbers. Read More
Keep color in mind when designing your app.

App Design Color Schemes: What You Need to Know

The app design process requires both technical expertise and creativity. Naturally, functionality is the most important part of the app design, but you can still highlight key features by using certain colors to represent different actions or to draw attention to important buttons. In this way, the color scheme you select for your user interface (UI) design can have a big impact on user experience (UX). Read More
Predictive Analytics Car Insurance

3 Benefits of Predictive Analytics for Car Insurance Companies

James and his friends at college love traveling. They travel at least once a year, and they love fast cars. Predictive analysis can tell us they would be interested in car insurance of about $700 a year and that they respond better to instant messaging. If you have never heard of James before, this process can seem like magic.  However, predictive analysis is what is helping to make this magic happen and is providing a competitive edge to insurance companies. It is fast-tracking processes right through the value chain of marketing, underwriting, pricing, claims and everything else in between. Read More
PA and Oncology

3 Ways Predictive Analytics is Changing Oncology

Big data, bioinformatics, predictive analytics or genomic medicine are all buzzwords that get tossed around often. It is true that more data is generated every day than we can possibly assimilate, but predictive analysis is what helps us to use this data appropriately. It, in fact, is no stranger to health care and has been used in many breakthroughs through the years, one among them being the Human Genome Project. This example changed sequencing from a manual to an automated process and saved time, money and increased accuracy - and that’s predictive analytics benefits in a nutshell. Read More
Apparel companies are finding innovative uses for predictive analytics.

5 Ways Predictive Analytics is Improving the Apparel Retail Industry

Traditionally, the apparel retail industry has consisted of customers going into stores, trying on clothing, and then deciding whether or not to buy. However, now that people frequently buy apparel online, businesses are leveraging the power of predictive analytics (PA) to improve their customer conversion rates and reduce returns. Machine learning, predictive modeling and data analysis are the backbone of PA technology, which uses historical shopping data to help businesses make well-informed decisions. Read More
Apple AR Kit VS Google AR Core

Tech Throwdown: Comparing Apple ARKit vs. Google ARCore

Augmented reality (AR) has been steadily growing in popularity since the release of Pokemon GO launched this technology into mainstream consciousness. However, AR has more practical uses as well, from allowing consumers to see what a piece of furniture would look like in their home to streamlining manufacturing processes to establishing virtual dressing rooms. The current most popular platforms for developing AR apps are Apple ARKit and Google ARCoreBut which AR platform is better? When it comes to comparing AppleARKit vs. Google ARCore, the two have similar functionalities, but they’re ultimately designed for different purposes. Read More
Predictive Analytics Hospitality Industry

3 Ways Predictive Analytics Is Transforming the Hospitality Industry

When you think about the travel and hospitality industry, what often comes to mind are personalized experiences and breathtaking locations. It takes a lot of planning and research to make these experiences happen. Wouldn’t it be easier to have intelligently interpreted data help? Because the hotel and hospitality industry interacts with millions of customers each day and keeps track of these transactions, this data is readily available. Using this information to meet guest expectations makes the difference between a returning customer and a lost opportunity. Read More
Predictive Analytics Real Estate SevenTablets

4 Ways Predictive Analytics Improve Real Estate Investing

The big American dream: Owning your home, financial success and wealth building – all in that order. For many Americans, their biggest investment will be the home they buy. This means that a successful investment in real estate for a home, rental property or land can be a future pot of gold. With Big Data and Predictive Analysis, the risk that was part of real estate investment has been greatly reduced. Real estate agents and brokers can derive the greatest value from these calculations since they offer a competitive edge to their clients, helping them to make a more informed decision. Read More
An app development checklist can help you get organized.

App Development Checklist: What You Need To Do

The app development process begins with a lot of planning, as a company hiring an app developer needs to have a good idea of what they’re hoping to accomplish. Once you get into the nitty-gritty of development, you will need to consider many elements, such as whether you’re planning on developing for one platform or multiple and how you plan to monetize your app. Read More
Follow these digital transformation best practices to ensure the process is a success.

Digital Transformation Best Practices: Tips for Success

Many businesses believe it’s impossible to survive and thrive in the modern era without undergoing a digital transformation. The process requires companies to update their business solutions and infrastructure from top to bottom with digital technologies. Doing so provides higher operational efficiency, decreased spending and more agile solutions. Read More
Real estate that leverage blockchain are making quite the splash.

Blockchain for Real Estate: How are Companies Using This Technology?

Blockchain has quickly become one of the most prevalent new technologies. The technology offers decentralized, digital ledgers that use cryptography to transmit data. Blockchain is the backbone of cryptocurrency, paving the way for monetary transactions that are difficult to track or intercept. Read More
Developing a solid system integration strategy is a key part of increasing the efficiency of your company’s operations and the productivity of your workers.

System Integration Strategies: How to Ensure the Process is Successful

Developing a solid system integration strategy is a key part of increasing the efficiency of your company’s operations and the productivity of your workers. System integration refers to the process of linking up several separate components so you can accurately monitor and control all company operations from one spot. Without system integration, a company wastes time and money with several independent subsystems that require manual data entry. Read More
Predictive Analytics Flu Season

Can Predictive Analytics Minify Flu Season?

Often, the first alert a school gets that flu season has arrived is in the nurse’s office. A steady stream of students shows up with the common refrain “I feel ache-y” and out comes the thermometer. By this time, the virus has already had its chance to spread to every child-height surface in the classrooms, school buses and cafeteria. Wouldn’t it be more effective to stop the spread of the germs before they ever got to school? Read More
A well-developed CRM app can be a huge help for your company.

Best CRM Mobile App Features: What Should You Include?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that’s used frequently in the tech world, and it’s a very important one. A well-built CRM mobile app will mobilize your sales team, improve internal collaboration and help your company close more business. Read More
Augmented reality and IoT make a powerful pair.

How Augmented Reality and IoT Work Together in Mobile Apps

Augmented reality (AR) is all the rage lately, offering professionals and consumers innovative business solutions they can access via their smart devices. The technology churns out digitally-overlayed content such as images and words over the real world in order to create an interactive experience between the user and their surroundings. Read More
Digital Transformation Whitepaper

Digital Transformation: Bringing People, Data and Devices Together

The main goal of every company is to satisfy consumers and increase its bottom line through innovation. As such, many businesses are undergoing a digital transformation—a large-scale revolution within a company towards a modern and digitized system. SevenTablets President Shane Long defines digital transformation this way: “digital transformation is bringing together people, data, and the IoT in a real-time, always available fashion through mobile apps, custom software development and other technologies.” This is accomplished by replacing outdated legacy systems with cutting-edge technology to increase operational efficiency, improve worker productivity and deliver a seamless user experience while boosting revenue. Read More
Follow these principles when designing the UX for your AR app.

Augmented Reality UX Design: Best Practices for AR Apps

These days, augmented reality (AR) is everywhere. AR offers consumers and professionals new ways of connecting and experiencing the world, as well as providing business solutions in a variety of industries. AR works by of overlaying digital content on top of the real world environment by way of a mobile device. For example, retail businesses are finding success with AR apps that allow consumers to try on clothes digitally without ever leaving their home. Read More
How can custom software development help your company?

Custom Software Development Benefits: How Can It Help Your Company?

There are plenty of readily available applications and software out there to meet the business needs of companies across virtually every industry. However, software that can be accessed by the masses only considers some of the basics of what a particular industry needs. As such, it may not fit your business’ unique needs.  Read More
Be sure you protect your hybrid mobile app with the best security measures.

How Can I Ensure Hybrid Mobile App Security?

Hybrid mobile app security is a concern for many developers, as these apps may require extra work to protect them. However, the effort is well worth it. After all, hybrid apps are more beneficial to a company’s bottom line because they help businesses cast a wider net, allowing both Android and iOS users to enjoy their app. Developing a single hybrid app is also quicker and more cost-effective than developing native apps for Android and iOS individually. Read More
An internal business app can streamline work processes at your company.

How an Internal Business Mobile App Can Boost Your Company’s Culture and Efficiency

Most companies understand a value of a B2C app designed to engage customers, increase brand awareness and offer a simplified platform for selling products and services. However, developing an internal business mobile app can be just as important to the success of a business, as enterprise applications improve a company’s culture and efficiency from top to bottom. Read More
Artificial intelligence apps are transforming the world of education.

Artificial Intelligence in Education: The Benefits of AI Apps

The classroom has long been considered a human endeavor that relies on the knowledge and wisdom of trained professionals, but technology is quickly becoming a more integral part of academics. One of the most recent technologies to enter the academic sphere is artificial intelligence (AI), and you can expect this trend to continue over the coming decades. Read More
SevenTablets has the answers to the most common questions about app development.

Mobile App Development Questions: 5 Things You’ve Always Wondered

Many facets go into the app development process from the moment you start brainstorming all the way through the app’s release. At the end of the day, app development is about creating an app that makes life as easy as possible for users, coupled with a strong troubleshooting plan and a profitable business model. This is easier said than done, of course, so you may find yourself with a host of app development questions as you begin the process. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common concerns during development. Read More
Some innovative augmented reality apps are being made for the tourist industry.

Augmented Reality Apps for Tourism

Imagine taking a lengthy backpacking trip through Europe with an interactive map of all the cathedrals, museums, castles and other landmarks, complete with information on the cultural significance of each location—all at your fingertips. Augmented reality (AR) has made this a reality. The technology adds digital layers of data to real-world images viewed via a smartphone, helping users gain a more comprehensive appreciation of their surroundings without a cumbersome, physical brochure. Read More
Can you run your business from your phone?

Can You Run a Business From Your Phone? Your Competitors Are Doing It

If you’ve received an email sent from my iPhone, you may have noticed my mobile signature, which includes the phrase “Sent from my pocket Super Computer.” If you’ve ever been in my office, you may have noticed there’s not a single piece of paper around, except for a few 3x5” note cards (which are only to be used in case of emergencies). I am constantly on the move! To me, the idea of being tied to a laptop – or writing paper notes – is about as outdated as Blockbuster. In my position, my data, my work and my thoughts have to be instantly, and always, available. Read More
Mobile app affiliate marketing is a powerful way of promoting your application.

Mobile App Affiliate Marketing: How Marketers are Leveraging Mobile Technology

One of the most successful advertising techniques in the mobile app world is affiliate marketing, which compensates affiliates for advertising a company’s products and services. Businesses have been using this form of marketing to get more clicks and app downloads, and affiliates are happy to comply since they earn some extra money in the process. Read More
Here's how to decide whether to develop an app for iOS or Android.

Android vs iOS Development: How Do I Choose the Right Platform?

One of the ongoing questions in the app development world is whether it’s better to develop an app for Android or iOS. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s wise to carefully consider your specific situation.   Read More
The mobile app UI design process is a critical part of development.

What is the Typical Mobile App UI Design Process?

The mobile app user interface (UI) design process is no picnic, as it requires plenty of planning and zeroing in on your company’s goals. It’s worth the effort, though, as your UI ultimately defines how your app will represent your company and the impression it will make on users. Read More
App ratings and reviews can help you optimize your mobile strategy.

How to Use App Ratings and Reviews to Your Advantage

App ratings and reviews help identify what’s working and what isn’t, from an app’s user interface design to bugs in the software. Every developer starts out by creating the best possible product they can with the hopes of getting high app ratings and reviews early on in order to attract future business. By gathering feedback from users, your team can use the information shared through ratings and reviews to improve the app, bolster conversion rates and increase ROI. Read More
Augmented reality is changing the world of manufacturing.

4 Augmented Reality Applications in Manufacturing

The beauty of technology in the 21st century is its ability to reduce much of the planning and manual work necessary to complete professional tasks requiring foresight and on-the-fly adjustments. For instance, augmented reality (AR) is playing an increasingly important role in manufacturing, as it allows architects, engineers, manufacturing plant staff and logistical experts to perform their jobs at a higher capacity. Read More
User feedback is a valuable resource when developing an app.

5 Ways to Leverage User Feedback to Improve Mobile Apps

Unearthing user feedback in your mobile app can be a tricky endeavor, but it goes a long way towards optimizing your application. The feedback stage is critical, as gathering responses from users enables you to fix any problems both during the app’s beta testing phase and after public release. Collecting feedback is particularly important if you are revamping an application that did not perform as you'd hoped. Just as important is deciding how you will implement this feedback in your app without disrupting the user experience. Read More
These mobile design trends can give you inspiration for 2018 and 2019.

Mobile UI Design Trends: 2018-2019 Ideas for Apps

Mobile user interface (UI) design trends are constantly changing as what consumers seek from their app experience shifts every year, if not more frequently. In 2018, app developers have moved towards creating new design features that appeal to a millennial audience in ways that are both visually appealing and practical. Read More
Marketing companies are finding great uses for augmented reality technology.

Augmented Reality Applications in Marketing

Augmented reality (AR) is becoming an integral part of the marketing sphere, although companies are only beginning to scratch the surface of this technology’s potential. With AR, businesses are discovering new revenue opportunities by creating interactive content that motivates users to buy a product or service. Read More
Many companies are realizing the power of undergoing a digital transformation.

Digital Transformation: Creating a Competitive Advantage

Every business must eventually update their technology to keep pace with the competition. If they don’t, they will lose part of their market share in the industry, cutting into their revenue stream, ROI, talent pool, creativity and reputation. In order to gain a competitive edge, a company often must undergo a digital transformation. Read More
Be sure to consider your business mobile app development strategy before creating your app.

Business Mobile App Development: The Most Common Mistakes

When creating a business mobile app development strategy, your team needs to do some research before embarking on a project. After all, there’s a lot that goes into creating a successful application that offers business solutions for the market you’re targeting. In order to ensure a smooth development process, it’s critical to avoid some common mistakes that could sabotage your company’s app. Read More