The right mobile app can go a long way toward empowering your company’s sales team, providing a user-friendly platform that allows team members to work as a cohesive group, while allowing for easy sales processing and information sharing. A well-developed application can also equip salespeople with key data and sales materials. So, how can you achieve these goals with a new mobile app?

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A Sales Team Mobile App Allows for Greater Unity and Cohesiveness

Many sales teams are spread across a large geographic region, which can make it challenging for individuals to connect and communicate with fellow team members. You also miss out on the opportunity to exchange useful sales tips, strategies and advice when you’re isolated from your fellow team members.

A mobile app gives you an easy-to-use platform that helps team members develop a sense of cohesion. The right application can turn lots of individuals into a unified group—a true team—that can work together in an effective, efficient manner. Some companies even add gamification app elements that inspire healthy competition amongst team members.

Your mobile app also allows sales team members to exchange advice and tips in a forum or chat area. At the same time, it creates an environment where they can share news, updates and develop the interpersonal relationships that make a sales team dynamic and successful. A mobile application can even serve as a training portal, as you can include content and videos, along with hosting live webinars and training sessions.

A Sales Team Mobile App Provides Easy Access to Data and Marketing Materials

Any marketing manager knows that the right data and marketing materials can elevate your sales in a remarkable way, but distributing the latest materials to team members on-the-go can be a challenge. Plus, you must ensure your sales team has the materials they need precisely when they need them.

This is where you can benefit from an app that includes essential marketing materials, from presentations to brochures and flyers, promotional videos, pricing sheets and more. You place your salespeople in a position where they can simply launch the app on a tablet, then they can present that information to the prospective customer or client. Your developer can even integrate the tools you need to launch a video or presentation from right within the app to ensure maximum ease of use. Plus, it’s possible to collect real-time data in your app, along with analytics, statistics and key metrics, offering insights that are useful in the sales process.

These materials will empower your sales team members, giving them the resources they need to succeed in a hyper-competitive environment. You can even integrate cutting-edge technologies, such as augmented reality functionalities. With AR, a sales professional could provide the client with a feel for what an interior decorating project may look like once finalized. Allowing the client to view the finished result in advance can dramatically increase sales in many niches.

A Sales Team Mobile App Lets You Manage Clients and Customers

It’s even possible to include customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities in your sales team’s mobile application. This gives your team the power to initiate a sale, follow up on that sale and assist the customer or client if they require help in the future.

This dual-function application places critical tools at your team members’ fingertips while ensuring that customers and clients receive the attention they deserve. Maintaining a single interface also helps you avoid compatibility issues between multiple applications. Additionally, this configuration allows for greater ease of use since everything is centralized in a single portal.

The right sales team mobile app is crafted around your unique team and its one-of-a-kind needs. For instance, a smaller team based out of the same office may have very different needs than a team with thousands of individuals scattered across the globe.

You’ll want to find a developer who can take the time to understand your needs and then architect a mobile app interface that will meet all your requirements in an intuitive, practical and user-friendly way. This is where SevenTablets can assist, as our developers have extensive experience building mobile apps that are built-to-suit our client’s unique goals. We also work with a range of different technologies, such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, predictive analytics and blockchain. We’ll create an app that will give you an edge in a highly competitive field.

Based in Dallas, SevenTablets works with clients throughout Texas—including Austin and Houston—and beyond. If you’re ready to discuss your project, contact our team today.
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Chase Uvodich

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