How to Market a Mobile App Successfully

How to Market a Mobile App Successfully: Tips for Marketing Software

Crafting an incredible, user-friendly mobile application or software platform is only the first step of the larger development process. If you don’t market your product successfully, then you risk a scenario where you fail to recoup your investment. In short, it doesn’t matter how fabulous your new digital creation happens to be if nobody knows it exists. That’s where a strong marketing strategy comes into play.

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Why Mobile Apps are Critical to Business Success eBook

Why Mobile Apps Are Critical to Business Success [eBook]

As more and more business operations become digital, having a mobile app has become necessary in order for a company to remain competitive. Business mobile apps offer a slew of tempting benefits, including increased visibility, better customer engagement and more consistent revenue generation. Read More

There are many reasons to integrate artificial intelligence into your mobile strategy.

The Benefits of Adding AI to Your Existing Mobile Platforms

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the most important technologies throughout the 21st century, and it continues to gain prominence today. In fact, a PwC study of 2,500 U.S. consumers found that 72% of business decision-makers see AI as offering a noticeable business advantage. This indicates that industry leaders are recognizing the value of implementing artificial intelligence into their mobile strategies.

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Benefits of Machine Learning and AI in Healthcare

How Machine Learning and AI Benefit Healthcare [Infographic]

How Machine Learning and AI Benefit Healthcare

Machine learning and AI produce impactful benefits for a wide range of industries. We’re excited to see how these technologies revolutionize healthcare by significantly improving diagnostic capabilities, speeding up treatment, reducing infections and hospital re-admissions.  Read More

Augmented reality is expanding the options for visual artists.

How Augmented Reality Apps are Transforming Visual Arts

The visual arts world requires creativity, precision and a passion for innovation. While some purists believe that technology should not play a role in art, artists are leveraging technology to approach their work in new ways.

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Retail Augmented Reality: Trends and Outlook

The role of augmented reality (AR) in retail expands with each passing year, suggesting that the technology may soon be necessary for retail businesses to thrive. There are many ways in which augmented reality can help retail businesses, from providing virtual dressing rooms to expanding brand awareness. 

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Integrated cloud solutions help your company operate more efficiently.

Integrated Cloud Solutions: What You Need to Know

Businesses in virtually every industry need to constantly seek leaner and faster solutions in order to succeed. Integrated cloud solutions are at the forefront of the evolution of data and applications, offering benefits such as increased flexibility, better scalability and improved access to information. Because cloud integration breaks down data silos and bolsters connectivity, it’s easier to share data across various applications or unify data from disparate sources into a single location.

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Augmented reality is creating a more interactive classroom.

The Top Uses for Augmented Reality in Education

The education industry has already started using augmented reality (AR) in the classroom. Mobile apps that use AR are helping create a more three-dimensional experience for students and lecturers. Augmented reality is a technology used in mobile apps to reveal digitally-overlaid content on top of the real world.

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