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How to Use Predictive Modeling for Revenue Forecasting

Sales forecasting is one of the biggest challenges every business leader has to deal with. Month after month, sales teams come up with revenue forecasts that management teams have to accept while knowing there is at the most a 46% accuracy of meeting targets. This is a forecast that is less accurate than flipping a coin. Optimism is great, but for CEOs trying to set up expenses that are dependent on revenue, this is always a cause for concern. More and more businesses are turning toward predictive modeling specifically for revenue forecasting.

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Predictive Customer Analytics

4 Ways Predictive Analytics Make Customer Service More Efficient

Have you ever gotten caught up on Facebook clicking one after another on the videos and articles it throws up on your page? Or possibly on Amazon where you end up buying something you didn’t even know you needed 10 minutes ago? Many online sites are using predictive analysis to target and retain customers by creating personalized content for them.

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A well-developed CRM app can be a huge help for your company.

Best CRM Mobile App Features: What Should You Include?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that’s used frequently in the tech world, and it’s a very important one. A well-built CRM mobile app will mobilize your sales team, improve internal collaboration and help your company close more business.

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How could a CRM app benefit your company?

CRM Mobile App Benefits: Building a Customer Relationship Management Portal

Often, a customer relationship management (CRM) portal is a tool that is largely undervalued until you actually obtain one and realize the significant time and money savings. A CRM gives you the power to interact with customers and address their concerns and questions with ease, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, greater customer loyalty and ultimately, higher profits.

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