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There any many benefits to enterprise software development.

Enterprise Software Development Best Practices You Should Know

Businesses have been spending more on enterprise software development over the last decade. In fact, global enterprise software spending was at $225.51 billion in 2009, and the figure jumped to $405 billion in 2018, according to Statista. And this is for good reason; enterprise software provides a host of benefits to companies, including new revenue avenues, streamlined work processes and more engaged employees.

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The enterprise software development process is complex.

What is the Enterprise Software Development Process Like?

The enterprise software development process is complex because the developer must understand an enterprise’s needs from top to bottom. Such an application should contain functionalities that enhance the lives of the company’s employees and solve problems across the organization. The software may have tools to improve the role of salespeople, streamline communication, reduce inefficiencies in the finance department and more.

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An internal business app can streamline work processes at your company.

How an Internal Business Mobile App Can Boost Your Company’s Culture and Efficiency

Most companies understand a value of a B2C app designed to engage customers, increase brand awareness and offer a simplified platform for selling products and services. However, developing an internal business mobile app can be just as important to the success of a business, as enterprise applications improve a company’s culture and efficiency from top to bottom.

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An enterprise level mobile strategy has several unique requirements.

5 Things to Know Before Creating an Enterprise Level Mobile Strategy

We live in a time where mobile devices are king, and companies are capitalizing on this by developing mobile apps that fit within a company’s business model. A Comscore survey discovered that at least 1.8 billion people around the world have mobile phones, surpassing the number of desktop computers. Plus, research from RCR Wireless projects that by 2022, nearly 43% of the global workplace will consist of mobile workers. As such, this is a prime time to integrate an enterprise mobile app into your company.

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