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Updating an App for iPadOS - What it Means for Your Business

Updating an App for iPadOS – What it Means for Your Business

Apple has announced that a new iPad operating system – aptly named iPadOS – will be launched in the fall of 2019. This means that now is the time for companies to update mobile apps to work on this new and improved iPad OS! In fact, according to a keynote speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019, this iPadOS will include game-changing features that are intended to eradicate the functional gap between laptops and tablets. Read More

Blockchain More Than A Cryptocurrency

Uses of Blockchain: Cryptocurrency and Beyond

Cryptocurrency is now part of the mainstream lexicon, but that’s a relatively recent development. After all, the first major cryptocurrency, BitCoin, didn’t come into existence until 2009 and it took a couple years before BitCoin really gained momentum. To create BitCoin, developers had to overcome some major obstacles surrounding recordkeeping. For instance, the cryptocurrency system had to be accurate so as to prevent “double spending,” whereby a user would have the ability to spend a sum of money twice due to delays updating the ledger. Enter blockchain, an innovative platform that has paved the way for cryptocurrency and many other technologies. In this blog, we’ll discuss more uses of blockchain they may be beneficial to your business.  Read More

Video in Apps: The HQ Trivia App and the Movement Toward Video Content

Video in Apps: The HQ Trivia App and the Movement Toward Video Content

The HQ trivia app has seen a rapid rise in popularity, achieving a cult-like following in a matter of months. The iOS game app engages users by offering cash prizes to players who prove their trivia savvy in a live virtual game show environment at 9:00 p.m. daily (in addition to a 3:00 p.m. round of trivia on weekdays). As with every app that earns mainstream popularity, countless developers are curious precisely what has made the HQ trivia app so incredibly successful.

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Gamification Reporting Competition for Sales Mobile Apps

Gamification, Competition and Real-time Reporting Make Your Sales Team Unstoppable

The internet has transformed the sales world, leading to new opportunities in direct sales, multi-level marketing and beyond. This has led to a sales landscape that is rapidly evolving as technology advances at a startling pace. But today’s sales teams face a number of challenges, particularly since many are separated by geographical distancesdistances that make it difficult to operate effectively as a team. However, sales apps can bridge the gaps, serving as valuable tools that allow sales teams to achieve remarkable success. Read More

What functionalities should your app include?

How to Choose the Right Mobile App Functionalities

After months spent planning your company’s app development project, you’ve finally received the green light to proceed. But after speaking with some development companies, you’ve discovered that the cost and timeframe of the project will depend on the application’s specs. Now, you’re tasked with determining exactly which features and functions to include; only then can you get an accurate price quote and timeframe.

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