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Launch Party

NextUp & Fit Freedom Launch Party

Last Friday (June 15th, 2018) SevenTablets welcomed the teams from Rebel Athletic and NextUp Performance to celebrate the launch of their mobile applications with a launch party. Rebel’s App, Fit Freedom, has been highlighted continually by media organizations since its release in early June. We can’t wait to see the buzz NextUp generates, as it connects student-athletes across the country! Read More

Best Tech Gifts 2017

Best Tech Gifts 2017

It’s that time again! That’s right, time to frantically search for the perfect, high-tech and downright impressive tech gifts for the loved ones in your life. Don’t let shopping get you down this year. 2017 has been an excellent year for product launches, making your holiday shopping easier than ever before. Here are the best tech gifts you should be giving this year: Read More

mobile phone usage

Is Your Mobile Phone Usage Interrupting Your Life?

Twenty years ago, AOL’s instant messenger made its debut, placing instant communication within reach without summoning the help of a phone. At this time, kids were enjoying Game Boys and Nintendo 64 gaming systems, in addition to bikes and Razor scooters. Landlines were still the primary form of mobile communication, and people didn’t even know what ‘texting and driving’ was yet. And, even though this technological era was exponentially more advanced than years gone by, digital life was still pretty simple. Read More

Apple iOS 11 Beta

Apple iOS 11 Beta: First Impression

Over the last year at SevenTablets, I’ve learned a lot more about what it takes to make our pocket supercomputers work than I did in my undergraduate app development class. Every mobile app in existence has its own, dedicated team of developers, determined to keep up with iOS, Android and hardware changes at a moment’s notice. Due to how quickly technology evolves, those changes can be massive. And, in the freshly announced iOS 11, they are. Read More

Smartphone Cameras

It’s Time to Start Calling Smartphones Smart Cameras

Infotrend’s image capture forecast for 2017 estimates that 1.2 trillion digital photographs will be made using smartphones this year. Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram were all developed to share user-generated photos and videos. This year more than ever, it’s obvious that smartphone cameras are a top priority for every mobile software and hardware company that aims to compete. Read More

Mobile Ordering Food Industry

From Foraging to Mobile Ordering

According to Wikipedia “hunting and gathering was humanity’s first and most successful adaptation, occupying 90% of human history.” But man, did we throw a wrench in those spokes. Early farming began in 9000 BC, and canned food hit the shelves in the 19th century. Since then, humankind has been dedicated to making the acquisition of food embarrassingly easy through mobile ordering and countless other innovations. Read More

SevenTablets Smart Tech Gift Guide

SevenTablets Gift Guide: Smart Presents for All

Spoiler alert: With less than two weeks left before Christmas, your holiday shopping window is closing fast! Whether you’re a professional procrastinator, extremely busy or at a loss for what to buy the ‘person who has it all,’ it’s time to get serious. In an effort to calm your nerves and transform you into everyone’s favorite gift-giver, we’ve compiled a smart gadget gift guide your friends and family will love. Read More