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How to Market a Mobile App Successfully

How to Market a Mobile App Successfully: Tips for Marketing Software

Crafting an incredible, user-friendly mobile application or software platform is only the first step of the larger development process. If you don’t market your product successfully, then you risk a scenario where you fail to recoup your investment. In short, it doesn’t matter how fabulous your new digital creation happens to be if nobody knows it exists. That’s where a strong marketing strategy comes into play.

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Mobile app affiliate marketing is a powerful way of promoting your application.

Mobile App Affiliate Marketing: How Marketers are Leveraging Mobile Technology

One of the most successful advertising techniques in the mobile app world is affiliate marketing, which compensates affiliates for advertising a company’s products and services. Businesses have been using this form of marketing to get more clicks and app downloads, and affiliates are happy to comply since they earn some extra money in the process.

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App ratings and reviews can help you optimize your mobile strategy.

How to Use App Ratings and Reviews to Your Advantage

App ratings and reviews help identify what’s working and what isn’t, from an app’s user interface design to bugs in the software. Every developer starts out by creating the best possible product they can with the hopes of getting high app ratings and reviews early on in order to attract future business. By gathering feedback from users, your team can use the information shared through ratings and reviews to improve the app, bolster conversion rates and increase ROI.

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These tips will help you increase your app's installation rate.

Five Ways to Increase Mobile App Installs

With over 2.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store and over 2.8 million Android apps to choose from, consumers enjoy a plethora of options. But this competitive app marketplace spells a challenge for developers and app owners who are left pondering ways to increase mobile app installs.

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Hiring an MLM app developer

Hiring an MLM App Developer: Points to Consider

With US-based sales topping 35 billion annually, it’s clear that multi-level marketing (MLM) companies have a prominent presence in the marketplace. In fact, MLM has gained popularity at a rapid clip in recent years, as aspiring entrepreneurs leverage modern technology such as mobile apps and social media platforms to grow their businesses.

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Tips for Developing Fabulous App Name Ideas

What’s in a mobile app name? Well, your app’s name will have a major impact on how users perceive your brand. Imagine if Twitter had been dubbed “ChatWorld.” The entire brand image would be different and, arguably, less appealing.

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It's important that your app reaches the right target audience.

How to Connect With Your Mobile App’s Target Audience

It took months of hard work and collaboration with your developer, but your B2C app is finally finished! But there’s a problem. You assumed users would be eager to download your new mobile app as soon as you shared the announcement via your email newsletter and social media. You’ve only had a few dozen downloads, though. A far cry from the thousands you expected. So what gives?

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How to Market a Mobile App

Marketing Your Mobile App [eBook]

By now you know that building an app requires significant investments of time and money. Unfortunately, publishing an incredible app isn’t the only thing you required to get your business off the ground. Developing a well-devised mobile app marketing budget and plan is a determining factor in becoming the next Instagram or a total flop.  Read More

Retail Mobile Apps Seven Tablets

5 Ways Mobile Apps Connect Retailers with Consumers

As consumers adapt their shopping behavior, smart retailers are changing as well. Rather than losing customers to e-commerce, they’re using mobile apps to create a true omni-channel retail experience. Here are five great ways to use an app to deepen relationships with current customers — and bring in new ones. Read More

Mobile App Marketing - SevenTablets

5 Mobile App Marketing Tips You Need to Know

It seems nearly everyone has an app now, so to get yours noticed and downloaded, you’re going to need to do some serious mobile app marketing. But where do you start? Here are the top 5 ways to effectively market your mobile app, from app store optimization to advertising. Read More