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The mobile app UI design process is a critical part of development.

What is the Typical Mobile App UI Design Process?

The mobile app user interface (UI) design process is no picnic, as it requires plenty of planning and zeroing in on your company’s goals. It’s worth the effort, though, as your UI ultimately defines how your app will represent your company and the impression it will make on users.

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Should I Update a Mobile App or Develop an Entirely New One?

A mobile app is a bit like a brick and mortar building. The building is modern when it’s first built, but over time, better building materials and methods are inevitably developed. As the years pass, you perform repairs and improvements. But there comes a time when you wonder, “Should I continue to work on this old building or just demolish it and build a new one in its place?”

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Apple iOS 11 Beta

Apple iOS 11 Beta: First Impression

Over the last year at SevenTablets, I’ve learned a lot more about what it takes to make our pocket supercomputers work than I did in my undergraduate app development class. Every mobile app in existence has its own, dedicated team of developers, determined to keep up with iOS, Android and hardware changes at a moment’s notice. Due to how quickly technology evolves, those changes can be massive. And, in the freshly announced iOS 11, they are. Read More

Native VS Hybrid Apps

Native and Hybrid Apps: What’s the Difference?

It’s been nine years since the Apple App Store made its debut, and eight since the ‘Android Market’, now Google Play Store, was launched. In less than a decade we’ve gone from flip phones with manual keyboards, to carrying around pocket-sized supercomputers with no need for a landline. Despite this previously incomprehensible leap in technology, there’s still a lot to learn and discuss – like the difference between native and hybrid apps, as well as what that really means in 2017. Read More

How frequently should your mobile app be updated?

What is the Recommended Mobile App Update Frequency?

It took a couple months, but your company’s brand-new mobile app is finally finished. The developers have designed a beautiful user interface, which has been thoroughly tested and refined. Now you’re excited to get down to business.

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