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Enterprise Software UX Design

Enterprise Software UX Design: What You Need to Know

User experience (UX) is everything in the development world. This factor alone will largely determine the success of a software platform, including ERP software, CRMs and mobile applications. While consumer-facing apps and software bring concerns over UX due to user retention and saleability matters, enterprise software is associated with a very different concern: hard-to-use platforms don’t bring the ROI that company leaders expect.

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The 4 Most Important Mobile App Testing Best Practices

Quality assurance (QA) testing is an essential element of the mobile app development process. It is this testing that will refine the app’s user interface (UI) so it delivers a smooth, intuitive experience to the user. UI/UX testing is a key component of the quality assurance process, which involves a comprehensive examination of the mobile app’s navigation, functionalities, and overall ease of use. Read More

Make sure your app design creates a positive user experience.

The Top 4 Mobile App UX Design Tips

There are many common mobile app user experience (UX) design mistakes that developers make when they focus on maximizing revenue from an impersonal, logical standpoint. An app should feel intuitive for users, helping to connect them with your brand on a more human level.  

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App ratings and reviews can help you optimize your mobile strategy.

How to Use App Ratings and Reviews to Your Advantage

App ratings and reviews help identify what’s working and what isn’t, from an app’s user interface design to bugs in the software. Every developer starts out by creating the best possible product they can with the hopes of getting high app ratings and reviews early on in order to attract future business. By gathering feedback from users, your team can use the information shared through ratings and reviews to improve the app, bolster conversion rates and increase ROI.

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User feedback is a valuable resource when developing an app.

5 Ways to Leverage User Feedback to Improve Mobile Apps

Unearthing user feedback in your mobile app can be a tricky endeavor, but it goes a long way towards optimizing your application. The feedback stage is critical, as gathering responses from users enables you to fix any problems both during the app’s beta testing phase and after public release. Collecting feedback is particularly important if you are revamping an application that did not perform as you’d hoped. Just as important is deciding how you will implement this feedback in your app without disrupting the user experience.

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Was Apple's decision to slow down older iPhones the right move?

Why Did Apple Slow Down Older iPhones?

Apple is in the midst of a first-of-its-kind firestorm surrounding its iconic iPhones, following the company’s recent decision to intentionally “slow down” earlier iPhone models with older batteries. The move came on the heels of the latest iOS update. But iPhone users were so enraged that they filed a class action lawsuit against the tech giant. This leaves many wondering, why did Apple slow down older iPhones?

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These tips will help you increase your app's installation rate.

Five Ways to Increase Mobile App Installs

With over 2.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store and over 2.8 million Android apps to choose from, consumers enjoy a plethora of options. But this competitive app marketplace spells a challenge for developers and app owners who are left pondering ways to increase mobile app installs.

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