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Why Create a Mobile App for Your Business?

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If you run a small or medium-sized business, you might not think your company is large enough to need its own mobile app. As Scott Shane, a professor at Case Western, explained in Entrepreneur Magazine, mobile internet access has become increasingly popular. This popularity means that you could be missing out on lots of opportunities to connect with and sell to customers. A mobile-friendly, responsive website can’t do the job of an effective and engaging mobile app.

A Gallup poll that was cited in that same article reported some amazing statistics about phone use to back up Shane’s statements:

  • About 75 percent of phone users check their phones at least once each hour.
  • In addition, about 90 percent of phone time is spent using mobile apps.

Further to the current data on use per capita, Goldman Sachs Investment Research projects growth in smartphone and IoT users as a third, and potentially biggest trend in the history and development of the Internet itself, noting 34 billion points of connectivity by 2020.

Why Create a Mobile Phone App for Your Business?

It only makes sense for companies to offer a way for customers to access and communicate with their business directly. To attract customers, they should also offer the kind of media that consumers already use frequently. In this age of inbound marketing, most companies strive to engage both current and potential customers. This is exactly what a quality app can do very well.

Apps can offer each user a customized experience that helps them communicate directly with the company. These apps can send messages for promotions that individual customers are likely to find useful. They can also be used to expedite communication with the company, run a loyalty rewards program, or allow customers to shop and pay bills with their phone.

Any Company Can Create a Mobile App With The Right Partner

Some business managers and owners might believe that their company is too small to develop their own app. While it is true that building and testing a quality app requires experience, the team at SevenTablets is skilled at delivering mobile solutions for companies of all types and sizes. We help businesses craft customized mobile apps that meet their business needs and maximize their ROI.

Based in Dallas, SevenTablets maintains regional offices located in Chicago and Houston. Whether you have a mobile app idea in mind or just want to take advantage of the popularity of mobile devices, we invite you to contact us today to discuss your questions and goals.

Reach out to our team today!

Lacey Williams-McGhee

Lacey Williams-McGhee

Lacey Williams is a marketing professional and Harvard graduate student living in the great state of Texas. When she's not working at the SevenTablets headquarters, she can be found on the next flight to the Bahamas, hanging out with her husband and fluffy golden retriever, or studying! Lacey earned a B.A. in journalism from Baylor University. Sic'em!

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