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Custom Software Development for Healthcare: What are the Benefits?

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Hundreds of hospitals and other healthcare organizations have started to realize the benefits of custom software development. After all, generic healthcare software is incapable of handling the demands of a modern organization, and they create operational inefficiencies that slow companies down.

With custom software development, though, healthcare organizations can implement solutions that are tailored to meet their unique requirements. In addition, getting software custom developed will allow your company to easily upgrade from old, outdated legacy systems that no longer serve your needs. Here are some of the top benefits of custom software development for healthcare institutions.

Customized Solutions for Doctors and Nurses

The biggest benefit of a custom software healthcare solution is the fact that it’s tailored to meet a company’s exact needs. Each hospital has its own specialties, operational differences and data inputting methods. Because of these differences, a customized software development company can sit down with your team and learn exactly what functionalities will be most helpful.

Custom software also allows nurses and doctors to access every piece of information about their patients instantly, 24/7. This means all tests, medications, vitals and other data can easily be transferred from one device to another. With an off-the-shelf software solution, it would be much more difficult to integrate the entirety of a hospital’s digital records. Plus, the user interface (UI) in a generic application may not be as logical or intuitive as the UI that a custom software development company can create since they can design it with your unique organization in mind.

Increased Efficiency and Streamlined Processes

Doctors and nurses are still plagued with administrative tasks that take up time they could be using to focus on more complex tasks. Customized software can identify any inefficient systems and processes, offering alternative solutions that are more productive. In this way, custom software can automate and streamline the data entry process, helping doctors, nurses and administrative staff members perform their jobs more effectively.

In addition, standard electronic health records (EHRs) may be inefficient and incompatible with a hospital’s way of doing things. After all, plenty of hospitals still use old, outdated legacy systems. However, implementing a customized solution for a hospital’s EHRs can ensure that the organization’s workflow is in line with the way the staff prefers to operate.

Custom software can lower the number of screens required to update patient records and reduce the number of clicks necessary to order a test. The end result is higher productivity and increased operational efficiency.

Custom Software Development for Healthcare Puts the Patient First

Patients need to have easy access to their information so they can feel informed at all times, and custom software does just that.  A custom software solution for a healthcare organization also allows patients to schedule follow-ups and communicate with doctors about any concerns. The goal is to give patients more control over their own care by creating new ways for them to engage with doctors, nurses and administrators.

Having the freedom to message a doctor, check their test results or ask a pharmacy to refill their medication from their personal device makes the lives of patients easier and more convenient. When patients are not well-informed, they may make additional visits or spend extra hours on the phone with administrators. However, customized healthcare applications can help eliminate these extra visits by ensuring that it’s easy for patients to communicate with their doctors and vice-versa.  

The healthcare industry is one in which efficiency and accuracy are of the utmost importance. As such, it behooves healthcare organizations to consider software solutions that will help optimize daily operations, from making it easy for doctors to instantly access patient health records to updating old systems that may cause slowdowns. With customized software development, healthcare organizations can be sure they are using systems designed specifically with their unique needs in mind.

Of course, the first step in implementing custom software is finding a developer with the experience and technical expertise to help you achieve this goal. The team at SevenTablets provides custom software development with experience in the healthcare industry. We take a “business first” approach, always working to meet your company’s specific goals. We’re also well-versed in emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and natural language processing.

SevenTablets has headquarters in Dallas. However, we also serve clients in Austin, Houston, and beyond. To kick off the custom software development process, please contact us today.

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Venkatesh Kalluru

Venkatesh Kalluru

Venkatesh “VK” Kalluru is a technology and business expert with executive and hands-on experience in automating multi-million dollar enterprises and a strong record of success in creating robust information technology architectures and infrastructures. VK brings proven ability in using IT to solve business issues to the Sertics team. Sertics is SevenTablets' sister company, specializing in predictive analytics solutions.

VK studied computer science at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad, India and earned a Master’s Degree in computer science at George Mason University.

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