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Dallas Tech Start-Up Releases Mendr, a One-of-a Kind Photo Editing App

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SevenTablets Presents Mendr Photo App for iOS and Android at SXSW

DALLAS, TX — SevenTablets, a Dallas headquartered B2B enterprise mobility firm with offices in Austin and Houston, Texas presented the Mendr photo editing app for iOS and Android at the SXSW Trade Show.

During South by Southwest, SevenTablets introduced Mendr as a product that allows individuals and small companies to leverage professional photo editors for on-demand photo editing services. The app allows users to utilize their smartphone or tablet to push images to a pool of editors that offer changes ranging from simple touch-ups to extreme enhancements or corrections. Editors receive photo edit requests in real-time and turn around is accomplished within minutes.

To date, early users have noted the photo editing app as unique, innovative, and the first of its kind. The Mendr app has received quick attention with a pick-up by Y Combinator start-up Product Hunt, North Texas local media, and SXSW Trade Show attendees including Steve Gadlin, former Shark Tank contestant.

Here’s what Josh Farrar, CEO and co-founder of Mendr, had to say:

“For Mendr, SXSW was everything they said it could be for an innovative startup hoping to make a splash – it helped us announce ourselves as a revolutionary photo editing app”

Version 1.0 of Mendr released on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android on March 09, 2017 and the next release will leverage usage data and mobile analytics to optimize for in-app user behavior.

For more information on Mendr, please visit, follow along on Twitter @MendrPhoto, or reach out to the team at @SevenTablets.

For more information on SevenTablets, follow on Twitter @SevenTablets or visit

About Mendr

Mendr is a comprehensive photo-editing mobile app that enables users to get their photos edited skillfully and efficiently by elite editors sourced around the globe.



SevenTablets is a software and mobile app development company serving clients in Dallas, Austin, Houston and beyond. Our specialties include augmented reality (AR), predictive analytics, UI/UX design, mobile security, and more.

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