Most businesspeople know that the use of mobile apps is spiking. Business Insider reports that 65 percent of American workers use mobile devices for at least some aspect of their jobs every day. US employees have embraced mobile technology in record numbers, but not all company executives have embraced mobile apps and devices as rapidly as their employees.


Driving Demand for Enterprise Mobility Apps

Very often, employees take it upon themselves to bring their own mobile devices and download their own apps. This makes it easier for them to take their work with them when they leave the office. For example, employees might download word processing, spreadsheet, or database apps for use on their personal phones or tablets. In this way, employees have been leading the BYOD trend more than their company’s CIO.

As management learns what the employees already knew about mobile productivity, the market for more sophisticated enterprise mobility apps should grow. Companies may increasingly turn to their own customized solutions in order to increase productivity, brand the experience, and exercise more control over which apps employees are allowed to use to do their jobs.

Concerns over security and compliance issues with off-the-shelf apps continually surface, and the only way corporations can deal with these is to tell their people which applications they are or are not allowed to use for work. Businesses that offer quality downloads in their own app store will have more leverage. Employees are less likely to pay for software or break rules if their company offers them free downloads that solve their productivity problems.

SevenTablets Delivers Secure Enterprise Mobility Apps

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Lacey Williams-McGhee

Lacey Williams-McGhee

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Lacey Williams-McGhee