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Could Instagram Advertising Make Your App Famous?

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Around our office, we encourage clients to make marketing a sizable slice of their budget upfront. Unfortunately, there are still hundreds of apps wallowing in the dreariest corners of the mobile marketplace, simply because no one knows they’re there. Instagram advertising may solve this problem.

The Social Media Dream Team

Instagram’s newly-enhanced marketing tools can play a fundamental role in promoting your app. Thanks to the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook in 2012, marketers are now able to take advantage of the laser-focused segmentation tools made available by Facebook on Instagram, too. Businesses can target users based on their location, religion, interests and education level, just to name a few. This is particularly important for companies releasing their own apps, because their advertisements will be seen on mobile devices—the same environment where their product will be enjoyed.

Cross-platform Convenience

The segmentation and visibility is impressive with Instagram advertising alone, but thanks to the aforementioned family ties, ad creatives can be used on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. This is great for saving time, A/B testing and convenient re-use of the best performing ads. It’s also great for reaching more mature audiences who haven’t hopped on the Instagram train yet.

Looking Good

Obviously, Instagram relies on strong visuals, which makes it the perfect place to showcase your app’s functionality. The platform currently offers photo ads, video ads of up to 60 seconds and carousel ads that allow users to flip through multiple images. If your app catches an individual’s attention, you can set the ad to take them directly to the app store for download. No need to push them around your Facebook page or website first.

Instagram’s mobile-friendly platform and 500 million monthly active users (!) makes this advertising avenue a low-risk, high-reward ad spend for even the stingiest marketing budget.

We Can Help

If your company has built an app and needs strategy help, or is ready to build an app from the ground up, get in touch with SevenTablets for a comprehensive success plan. Our developers are experts in creative UI/UX designmobile security and mobile analytics. We can assist you in choosing the right platforms, design and marketing tools to make your app successful.

Based in Dallas, SevenTablets maintains regional offices located in Chicago and Houston. To discuss your development project, contact the team at SevenTablets today!

Reach out to our team today!

Lacey Williams-McGhee

Lacey Williams-McGhee

Lacey Williams is a marketing professional and Harvard graduate student living in the great state of Texas. When she's not working at the SevenTablets headquarters, she can be found on the next flight to the Bahamas, hanging out with her husband and fluffy golden retriever, or studying! Lacey earned a B.A. in journalism from Baylor University. Sic'em!

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