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This day and age, businesses must have a great mobility solution to compete. Clearly, this is a broad statement so ask yourself, what does that mean to your business? Many others, perhaps your competition, are already asking themselves this same question. Reports from Harris Poll reveal that 90% of IT decision makers see mobility as critical to customer engagement, overall competitiveness, and operational efficiency in 2016.

Accordingly, a sound mobile solution may yield boosts in revenue and reductions in costs among other forms of value. Mobility may be an app in product form, a tool for collecting information and feeding the big data beasts, or perhaps an on the fly analytics tool for data entry and decision making, among other things. With that said, a true mobile solution is more encompassing and is not any one of these things, rather, it is some combination that amounts to being an integral contributor to the value machine that is your business. Regardless of your business size, from start-up to multi-national corporation, there are numerous benefits to developing your own app and the gain may be very significant.

The Problem

Each business has to effectively answer this question: “What does the right mobility solution look like for us?” This sort of question sometimes stems from the very simple realization that “there has got to be a better way.” Following that, the next question is usually the “how” question. How do you go about doing it? In recognition of the “how,” we’ll also recognize that there are a few different buyer types when it comes to mobility and not everyone does things the same way. (“My problems may require different solutions than yours.”)

Typical Mobility Solution Buyers:

  • First-time buyer
  • Second or Sixth-time buyer
  • The “Help me! My solution/app is broken” buyer

Choosing a development partner is about creating a synergistic, collaborative business relationship and it is critical that the right choice is made based on the needs of the buyer. A first-time buyer may need a good amount of education and a solution provider that is able to effectively communicate in “non-tech talk.” In all cases, a full understanding of the business needs must be established in a discovery process where clear cut goals are defined so as to understand the value and how the technology will map itself back to the business.

Clearly defined goals in terms of ROI and understanding of strategy mitigate risk among all the buyers but the style of communication, pricing models, and methodology may differ per the specific needs of each buyer in question. For example, an experienced buyer may have a clear idea of what the end goal is and may require less hand-holding whereas the “Help me” buyer may require special attention via a partner that is able to temporarily work on-site or share office space. In each case, if the buyer is able to make the smartest mobility solution possible, there is little that can stall value creation when it comes time for problem-solving.

Typical Solutions

As mobility solutions go, some companies choose to do nothing at all and risk succumbing to the market, effectively missing opportunities and the value that comes with each. Others may attempt to mobilize their website – approaching mobility as an extension of the web rather than as a way to maintain a constant connection to the customer or increase efficiency among colleagues. Some companies choose to carry their own mobile flag and spark a development effort in house but in cases where mobility is not a core competency, a “build and forget” reality seems to persist, causing a world of issues that may result in total failure. Many typical solutions are just that… typical. Many development firms seem to focus on technology without fully understanding their client’s business.

Better Solutions

As I mentioned, some of the best mobile solutions stem from the realization that “there’s got to be a better way!” A better solution is one that comes with expert focus from the right partner, working to serve the end-user in such a way that is right-sized for the enterprise. Better solutions don’t always mean buying the latest or most expensive technology. A better solution comes from a partner that has considered innovative use cases, applying goals, opportunities, and needs toward the strategy.

Steps Forward

Developing a business mobile strategy and any apps that may follow can seem like a daunting task. At SevenTablets, we have the knowledge and experience to smoothly guide you through the process and we’re pleased to help our clients find considerable value from technology.

Our team has great experience leveraging cutting-edge technologies in our custom software and mobile app development projects. Additionally, our developers are experts in creative UI/UX designmobile security and mobile analytics. We can help your business find the perfect mobile solution to fit your needs.

Based in Dallas, SevenTablets maintains regional offices located in Chicago and Houston. To discuss your development project, contact the team at SevenTablets today!

Reach out to our team today!

Lacey Williams-McGhee

Lacey Williams-McGhee

Lacey Williams is a marketing and design professional living in the great state of Texas. When she's not working hard at the SevenTablets headquarters or designing products for her side gig, she can be found exploring new restaurants, hanging out with her husband and walking her golden retriever.

Lacey earned a B.A. from Baylor University. Sic'em!

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