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Mobile App vs Mobile Website: Which Is Better?

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With the continuous growth of smartphone use worldwide, the consumption of marketing content is increasingly becoming a mobile pastime. And that mobile marketing content can be distributed in one of two ways—either through a mobile website, or via a mobile app.

But when faced with the question of “mobile app vs mobile website,” which of these two options is better for your company?

Mobile App vs Mobile Website: How Do You Decide?

We’ve put together a list of the benefits of using a mobile app to get your company’s content into the hands of your audience, as opposed to a mobile website.

1. Mobile apps are designed to be mobile from the ground up. While mobile websites are often redesigned in order to make them more mobile-friendly, they are still basically just revamps of the desktop version of a company’s website. Mobile apps, on the other hand, have the advantage of being developed from the very start with mobile in mind, so they are much more intuitive and easier to use.

2. Mobile apps can be customizable, interactive, or provide a practical tool. Apps are supremely flexible. They can be designed to give users a personalized experience, based on purchase history, stated interests, or even location. They can be interactive, allowing on-the-go access to games or other interactive functionalities that would be too difficult to replicate with the same level of quality on a mobile site. Or they can provide users with a practical, useful tool they will return to again and again, as opposed to the varied functions weighing down a mobile website.

3. Mobile apps are better for driving customer generation and repeat business. A mobile website will be there when customers search for it—but a mobile app is something that can be searched for or stumbled upon in an app store, thus doubling its visibility. In addition, a truly valuable app will be shared and recommended by its users, which leads to more downloads. Customer loyalty is also affected by mobile apps in a much more substantial way. A mobile website it not generally thought of as a generator of repeat business, but having the right app can keep customers loyal to your brand.

4. Mobile apps have access to smartphones’ hardware functionality. When it comes to getting the most out of a smartphone’s camera or other hardware, a mobile website just can’t compare with a mobile app. Apps can incorporate a mobile phone’s hardware for asset tracking, healthcare and real estate, among many innovative, exciting ways that mobile sites can’t even begin to imagine.

5. Mobile apps can function without an internet connection. Of course, when there is no internet connection available, the question becomes moot—mobile websites cease to be a factor at all. Mobile apps, on the other hand, can be designed to work just as well without connectivity as they do with. In addition, because the graphics and effects can be stored locally on the mobile device, rather than on a website that depends on its connection to the web for its speed and ease of use, those aspects are more reliable and far superior to those on a mobile website, providing a consistent user experience at all times rather than one determined by the available connectivity.

Businesses seeking an entryway into mobility would do well to consider mobile app development as their first, best option. While mobile websites do have their place, mobile apps are undeniably superior in terms of user experience and ROI.

If you are looking to develop a mobile app, SevenTablets is ready to help. Our team has great experience leveraging cutting-edge technologies in our custom software and mobile app development projects. Additionally, our developers are experts in creative UI/UX designmobile security and mobile analytics. We can help your business find the perfect mobile solution to fit your needs.

Based in Dallas, SevenTablets maintains regional offices located in Chicago and Houston. To discuss your development project, contact the team at SevenTablets today!

Reach out to our team today!

Kishore Khandavalli

Kishore Khandavalli

Kishore Khandavalli, award winning entrepreneur and experienced keynote speaker, founded SevenTablets in August 2012 and leads the company as CEO. Under his leadership, the company has established key partnerships with IBM and SAP and after just a year of operation, in 2013 SevenTablets placed as Finalist for the IBM Impact Award in Mobile Innovation.

When Kishore isn’t cultivating his teams of passionate thought leaders within the IT scene, as a licensed private pilot he enjoys playing in the clouds, community service, and being active in Dallas based Health Wildcatters. Furthermore, he is a devoted family man who places great value in spending time with his wife and two children.

Mr. Khandavalli earned a Master's degree from the University of Akron in Ohio.

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