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Tips for crafting a successful virtual reality app.

What Makes the Best Virtual Reality Mobile Apps?

Virtual reality (VR) mobile apps are rapidly gaining popularity. But it’s not just game-makers who can stand to benefit from advances in VR. Now, developers are using this engaging technology for a range of other applications. So, what qualities make for the best virtual reality mobile apps? And how can you ensure that you craft your application in a way that maximizes your chances of finding success, whether it’s an internal enterprise app or a consumer-facing one?

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Mobile App Myths

Common Business Mobility Myths Busted

As is often the case with any new development in the business world, a swirl of myths sometimes obscures the facts about enterprise mobility. These myths can cause enterprises to delay or even avoid taking the plunge into mobile app development, because they seem to come in the guise of caution and prudence. But since when has accepting conventional wisdom led to business success? Read More

Make BYOD Work for Your Organization

5 Tips for Making BYOD Work for Your Organization

With the constant proliferation of new mobile devices in the market, it’s only a matter of time before bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is de rigueur for every business. The agility and efficiency BYOD brings to the workplace are undeniable — but so are the risks, if a governing policy is not implemented properly. Read More

Business App Do's and Don't

Building A Successful Business App: The Do’s and Don’ts

There are a number of benefits that come with building a mobile app for your company. For instance, business apps can help to solve a number of organizational or efficiency issues when your employees are on-the-go. They can also help to streamline some of your company’s most complicated office procedures in a quick, easy-to-use platform. However, the only way that your business can achieve these benefits, along with many more than come with mobile app development, is to ensure that you are building the most successful enterprise mobile app possible Read More

Cloud Hosting Safe and Reliable

Why Cloud Hosting is a Safe and Reliable Option

Hosting your enterprise mobile apps in the cloud can come with a slew of benefits for your company. Cloud hosting is a cost-effective, mobile, and safe way to run your in-house mobile apps. It just takes the right approach, and implementation of security measures. In the end, hosting your apps on the cloud is the safest and most viable option for your company for a variety of reasons. Read More

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

How to Integrate A Mobile App into Your Digital Strategy

It’s no secret that including mobile marketing as part of your overall digital strategy, no matter how big or small your business may be, is a smart decision. Mobile is the future (and very soon will be the present) of digital marketing. In fact, 4 out of 5 consumers are already using smartphones to shop and 70% of all mobile searches will lead to online action within the hour of searching. Therefore, if your company is not already looking into developing a mobile app, you are already losing business. Read More

Cloud Hosting Mobile Apps

Why You Should Host Your Business Mobile Apps in the Cloud

Hosting mobile apps in the cloud is quickly becoming the norm for businesses nationwide. With global spending on cloud services approaching $131 billion in 2013, and projected to grow to over $180 billion by 2015, it’s clear that businesses are realizing the benefits of this method of storing data. And when giants such as LinkedIn and Etsy, Newsweek and Netflix jump on the bandwagon—each of them hosting their own mobile apps in the cloud—you know a practice has become the gold standard. Read More

MobileFirst: IBM Interviews SevenTablets on App Development

SevenTablets was honored to be asked to participate in IBM’s MobileFirst Tech Talk series by presenting a webcast on our cross-platform app development process. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, we were excited to support this initiative to teach developers how to build and manage mobile solutions. Read More