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There are many benefits that make cloud hosting for mobile apps that make it a great option.

Cloud Hosting for Mobile Apps: What are the Benefits?

While many businesses are still creating apps that store app data within users’ devices, this technique leaves user information vulnerable to data breaches and limits the types of platforms that are compatible with these apps. Fortunately, there’s a better alternative: cloud hosting.

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These apps are using blockchain to great success.

3 Apps With Innovative Uses for Blockchain

Thanks to the recent explosion in popularity of cryptocurrencies, we’re seeing some significant advances and innovation surrounding blockchain technology. Blockchain sits at the heart of cryptocurrency. It’s the distributed data storage platform that is typically used to stow financial transaction data in a secure, tamper-proof manner. For cryptocurrency to be truly viable, it has required a level of encryption and digital security that the world has never seen before.

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The cloud is incredibly scalable, making it advantageous for many businesses.

The Cloud and Scalability: How the Cloud Allows for Rapid Future Growth

The cloud is a rapidly-growing sector of the technology industry, with $130 billion spent on public cloud computing environments alone during the first three-quarters of 2017. But while “the cloud” is now an ubiquitous term, a large portion of companies still neglect to use this technology to gain a competitive edge.

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What Are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Apps?

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Apps?

“The cloud” has become a popular tech buzzword, particularly as it relates to data storage. But many companies just haven’t leveraged the cloud to its full potential. In fact, some may not even realize you can use cloud-based hosting for mobile apps. Read More

Important Ongoing Support in Outsourced App Development

Creating an enterprise mobile app for your brand is a long-term process. It is not something that can be created and launched in one night, and it is not something that you can leave inactive and untouched after you finally do finish the development process. Just like social media sites or your company’s website, you should be constantly updating your mobile app’s features, adjusting security, making changes based on your audience’s feedback and much more. Read More

Cloud Hosting Safe and Reliable

Why Cloud Hosting is a Safe and Reliable Option

Hosting your enterprise mobile apps in the cloud can come with a slew of benefits for your company. Cloud hosting is a cost-effective, mobile, and safe way to run your in-house mobile apps. It just takes the right approach, and implementation of security measures. In the end, hosting your apps on the cloud is the safest and most viable option for your company for a variety of reasons. Read More

Cloud Hosting Mobile Apps

Why You Should Host Your Business Mobile Apps in the Cloud

Hosting mobile apps in the cloud is quickly becoming the norm for businesses nationwide. With global spending on cloud services approaching $131 billion in 2013, and projected to grow to over $180 billion by 2015, it’s clear that businesses are realizing the benefits of this method of storing data. And when giants such as LinkedIn and Etsy, Newsweek and Netflix jump on the bandwagon—each of them hosting their own mobile apps in the cloud—you know a practice has become the gold standard. Read More