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How to Use Mobile Apps for IoT Management and Monitoring

How to Use Mobile Apps for IoT Management and Monitoring

The ever-growing internet of things (IoT) is disrupting and transforming many industries, with companies investing heavily in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, LPWAN (low-power wide area network) infrastructure and mobile applications. In fact, projections from a 2017 IoT report from Business Insider have companies investing nearly $5 trillion into the IoT from the start of 2017 through the end of 2021. The same report also predicts that 2021 will see 22.5 billion IoT devices in use—a tremendous jump from the 6.6 billion devices online in 2016. Others are predicting IoT technology will account for $19 trillion in economic activity in the coming decade.

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It's important to understand the differences between B2B apps and B2C apps.

What is the Difference Between B2B and B2C Mobile Apps?

It took three Powerpoint presentations and lots of persuading, but you’ve finally convinced your company’s leaders to green light a new mobile app development project. But now you’re tasked with finding a developer, and it seems like these tech people speak an entirely different language! You’re seeing mentions of clouds, hybrids, natives and acronyms like UI, UX, B2B and B2C. You’ve realized you’re unsure precisely what you need! And how do you know which developer can meet your requirements?

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How much will it really cost to get an app developed?

Can You Provide a Mobile App Development Cost Breakdown?

You’re finally ready to take the plunge and move ahead with building a custom mobile app, but before you present your project to your company’s board of directors, you need one last thing: quotes on pricing. You’ve emailed a few developers, but the estimates vary dramatically. It’s got you wondering, how do developers determine how much to charge? What is the mobile app cost breakdown? In short, what are you actually buying?

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Retail Mobile Apps Seven Tablets

5 Ways Mobile Apps Connect Retailers with Consumers

As consumers adapt their shopping behavior, smart retailers are changing as well. Rather than losing customers to e-commerce, they’re using mobile apps to create a true omni-channel retail experience. Here are five great ways to use an app to deepen relationships with current customers — and bring in new ones. Read More

Wearable Device Predict Health

Your Wearable Device Can Predict Your Next Illness

Wish your wearable device was more than just a glorified pedometer? Well, you’re in luck, because Stanford University researchers are granting wishes. They’re working on a way to use the data from your fitness tracker to predict when you’re going to get sick. Read More

restaurant mobile apps

Small Restaurants Can Have Mobile Apps Too

Regional and nationwide restaurant chains may have the resources to develop mobile apps that can help enhance their brand, engage with customers, and of course, grow revenue. The Starbucks app, for example, now accounts for 24% of the company’s revenue, amounting to more than three billion dollars each year. This app gives the coffee purveyor chain a chance to connect with users every time they look at their phones. Plenty of studies support the idea that eateries of all kinds can prosper by providing mobile apps, mostly because consumers tend to search for local business with their phones. Read More

Why Mobile App Testing is Important

According to a Tech Target article, users will have downloaded about 270 billion mobile applications by 2017. To put that in perspective, the best estimates of humans on the planet hover around 7.4 billion people. In any case, that’s a tremendous number of mobile apps that get downloaded to many different kinds of mobile devices. This underscores only some of the reasons why mobile app testing is so critically important. Read More

What is Mobile App Development?

American consumption of digital media has exploded recently. In fact, Comscore reports an increase in U.S. digital content use of 50 percent in just the last two years. Moreover, the use of mobile applications accounts for 75 percent of that growth. That means that Americans love to use their computers even more than they did in the past, but America’s favorite computers are now smartphones and tablets. Read More

Why Create a Mobile App for Your Business?

If you run a small  or medium-sized business, you might not think your company is large enough to need its own mobile app. As Scott Shane, a professor at Case Western, explained in Entrepreneur Magazine, mobile internet access has become increasingly popular. This popularity means that you could be missing out on lots of opportunities to connect with and sell to customers. Read More