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Mobile Development Longterm Strategy Whitepaper

Mobile Development: Planning for Long-Term Success [White Paper]

There are a number of considerations you should keep in mind as you’re preparing to develop your mobile app. These points are especially vital when it comes to the actual development process. Many mobile development companies—SevenTablets included—utilize a phased development process, as this is typically more effective and productive. It’s also crucial that you choose a trusted partner to oversee your app build and future maintenance. Read More

Desktop API vs Mobile API

Your Desktop API Just Killed Your Mobile App

You’ve built a killer mobile app similar to Google Maps and a content sharing platform. But something’s wrong: your app is painfully slow when communicating with third-party applications and your ability to retain and attract users is suffering as a result. According to your mobile analytics, nearly 30 percent of users exit the app when they reach this digital “bridge.” To save time, your company used an existing application program interface (API) designed for the desktop instead of building a new one specifically for mobile. Therein lies the problem. The existing API is neither optimized for mobile devices nor is it on par with a mobile user’s performance expectations. Your app–your dream–is in big trouble without a mobile API. Read More

Check app store guidelines regarding push notifications to make sure your app will get approved.

Apple Push Notification Guidelines: Tips to Ensure Your iOS Mobile App Gets Approved

Ding. Ping. Ring. Those push notifications have been going off several times per hour. Every alert diverts your attention from your work, and it takes a minute or two to get re-focused. You barely have time to glance at the notifications. You definitely don’t have time to locate and change the notification settings.

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Mobile Technology for Mobile Strategy

Mobile Strategy: What Technologies Must Be Included?

Leaders in IT and tech fields met at the ET6 conference to discuss how emerging technologies can bring their businesses forward in the Digital Age. The emphasis of the conference may have been on mobile technologies but mobile strategy development can no longer focus on one kind of tech. Strategists and designers must take a broader view to produce useful applications. Each app must rely on mobile tech and some combination of cloud computing, cognitive computing, business analytics, and even robotics or augmented virtual reality.

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New Mobile Technology 2016

Mobile Technology: 2016 and Beyond

The smart phone market has evolved so quickly that even the most savvy tech users might be surprised by the things their device can do. Mobile developers and tech leaders need to stay current with emerging mobile capabilities, particularly those functions that appeal to consumers the most. It might help to consider an expert opinion about the most exciting features that manufacturers either have released recently, or are planning to release very soon, and what those additions mean for the future of development. Read More

Mobile Security Concerns

How Concerned Are Consumers About Mobile Security?

Nokia recently released their 2016 study about consumer retention and acquisition. Information from this report revealed both surprising and unsurprising facts about consumer security concerns. Understanding the ways average consumers act on concerns about security on their mobile devices vs. traditional computers made their findings particularly interesting. Read More


How IoT May Impact Your Mobile App Development

It’s not difficult to find a connection between mobile app development and the future of IoT. Technically, your smartphone and smart watch already are connected devices that belong to the Internet of Things. Of course, mobile app development becomes much more involved when you need software that controls or utilizes reports from multiple connected devices. Read More