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Mobile app affiliate marketing is a powerful way of promoting your application.

Mobile App Affiliate Marketing: How Marketers are Leveraging Mobile Technology

One of the most successful advertising techniques in the mobile app world is affiliate marketing, which compensates affiliates for advertising a company’s products and services. Businesses have been using this form of marketing to get more clicks and app downloads, and affiliates are happy to comply since they earn some extra money in the process.

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Marketing companies are finding great uses for augmented reality technology.

Augmented Reality Applications in Marketing

Augmented reality (AR) is becoming an integral part of the marketing sphere, although companies are only beginning to scratch the surface of this technology’s potential. With AR, businesses are discovering new revenue opportunities by creating interactive content that motivates users to buy a product or service.

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Machine learning technology is proving to be a powerful tool for marketing companies.

4 Ways Machine Learning Can Improve Marketing Campaigns

Businesses of all sizes know that the key to successfully selling a product or service is how you market it, who you market it to and when you do so. Machine learning and predictive analytics (PA) play an important role in marketing campaigns by using clusters of data to determine factors regarding consumer behavior.

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It's important that your app reaches the right target audience.

How to Connect With Your Mobile App’s Target Audience

It took months of hard work and collaboration with your developer, but your B2C app is finally finished! But there’s a problem. You assumed users would be eager to download your new mobile app as soon as you shared the announcement via your email newsletter and social media. You’ve only had a few dozen downloads, though. A far cry from the thousands you expected. So what gives?

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Mobile App Marketing - SevenTablets

5 Mobile App Marketing Tips You Need to Know

It seems nearly everyone has an app now, so to get yours noticed and downloaded, you’re going to need to do some serious mobile app marketing. But where do you start? Here are the top 5 ways to effectively market your mobile app, from app store optimization to advertising. Read More

Customer Loyalty Apps - SevenTablets

How a Loyalty App Can Turn Customers into Advocates

You’ve probably used a loyalty app at some point, whether it was to buy coffee at Starbucks without digging for your wallet, submitting a prescription refill at CVS or Walgreens, or getting app-exclusive discounts at Target or Whole Foods.

These types of smartphone apps offer great benefits to consumers — but even more important benefits to the businesses that offer them. By making things easy for consumers, these businesses can turn these loyal customers into powerful advocates.

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Instagram Advertising for Mobile Apps

Could Instagram Advertising Make Your App Famous?

Around our office, we encourage clients to make marketing a sizable slice of their budget upfront. Unfortunately, there are still hundreds of apps wallowing in the dreariest corners of the mobile marketplace, simply because no one knows they’re there. Instagram advertising may solve this problem. Read More

restaurant mobile apps

Small Restaurants Can Have Mobile Apps Too

Regional and nationwide restaurant chains may have the resources to develop mobile apps that can help enhance their brand, engage with customers, and of course, grow revenue. The Starbucks app, for example, now accounts for 24% of the company’s revenue, amounting to more than three billion dollars each year. This app gives the coffee purveyor chain a chance to connect with users every time they look at their phones. Plenty of studies support the idea that eateries of all kinds can prosper by providing mobile apps, mostly because consumers tend to search for local business with their phones. Read More

Why Create a Mobile App for Your Business?

If you run a small  or medium-sized business, you might not think your company is large enough to need its own mobile app. As Scott Shane, a professor at Case Western, explained in Entrepreneur Magazine, mobile internet access has become increasingly popular. This popularity means that you could be missing out on lots of opportunities to connect with and sell to customers. Read More

10 Things You Should Know Before Launching a Mobile App

Mobility Transforms Customer Engagement

It is true that mobility transforms customer engagement in the way that it impacts communication and access over a 24 hour period. Robert Desisto, VP at Gartner, notes that by 2017 most enterprise applications will be mobile or will have some usable form of mobile access. In that perspective, businesses need to consider what apps will drive customer engagement processes and how those choices will create maximum value for your business and its clients. Read More