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Engage Millennials with Mobile Apps

Studies have demonstrated that Millennial employees tend to engage less with their employers and coworkers than members of previous generations. Citing an average of about 2 years in tenure per position and also noting that nearly 60 percent will consider offers from other companies, this new challenge must be addressed by companies that rely heavily on individual contributors. One way to address this growing issue is to engage millennials with mobile apps.  Read More


Should You Block Social Apps In The Workplace?

It’s hard enough getting your employees to stay motivated and on task at work without having to compete with social apps that tend to encourage procrastination. While your employee’s intention may have honestly been to “just check Facebook for a quick second,” often times, before they know it, hours of their afternoon have passed and they’re 16 photo albums deep in their best friend’s profile page. Read More

Mobile ERP

4 Advantages That Mobile ERP Offers Your Enterprise

The term Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, encompasses every aspect of business operations, from inventory to human resources to CRM. Up until recently, the office computer was the sole domain of ERP, the only place where its huge amounts of data and complex business functionalities would fit. Read More

Employee Adoption of Business Apps

How to Maximize Employee Adoption of Mobile Apps

Enterprise application development is an effective means of increasing your company’s overall operational efficiency. When employees are free to access the company infrastructure via mobile devices while on the go, time is saved and productivity is boosted. The key to achieving this heightened efficiency, however, is making sure that employees will actually use the new apps. Read More

Must Have Mobile App Features

6 Must-Have Features for Your Mobile App

There are many different components that go into developing a great mobile app. Big issues like security and analytics can consume a lot of time and effort, but many times it’s the small things that make an app work well for your users. Sometimes these smaller issues can be overlooked in the quest for the perfect app. Keep these six features in mind, and you can avoid some of the biggest reasons users don’t come back. Read More

handling byod issues at work

4 Tips for Handling BYOD Issues

To accompany the rise of BYOD, a flurry of content has been created to address the challenges with which it presents enterprises. Security, cloud hosting, mobile app development, and other technologically complex issues are discussed at great length and in great detail.
And while these topics are vitally important in the realm of enterprise mobility, they are not the only considerations a company must take into account when moving forward with a BYOD policy. Read More