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How To Measure the ROI of A Business Mobile App

It’s no secret that a well-thought-out, effective mobile app can be a smart move for your business. Whether you are hoping to improve complicated day-to-day work systems, increase the communication between your virtual team members, or simply make mobile data access easier for your employees, a great mobile app can truly help you take your company’s internal processes to the next level. Read More

4 Ways Mobile Business Apps Increase Operational Efficiency

It seems that everywhere you look, people are advocating the use of mobile apps to save businesses time and money. But you still wonder — beyond the allure of all those technological bells and whistles, do business apps really deliver what they promise? Or are they just another expense that, in the end, can’t really be justified by their ROI? Read More

The 5 Most Popular Features in Business Mobile Apps

One of the largest reasons why business mobile applications are becoming such an important tool for companies all across the country is because they help to streamline your employee’s daily processes and make your company more efficient. For instance, a great business mobile app should take complicated, in-house procedures and not only make them available in a mobile format, but should also make the process much easier for employees who are on the go and need access to company information quickly and without hassle. Read More

3 Signs That Your Business May Need a Mobile App

Could a mobile app help to streamline processes at your company?
Here on the SevenTablets blog, we have talked greatly about the pros and cons of different mobile platforms, the benefits of storing your mobile information in the cloud, and a number of other enterprise-mobile related topics that will help you get the most out of your app development. However, before you jump into the specifics of what features would make the most sense for your company’s mobile app, you first must decide whether or not an enterprise mobile app would be advantageous for your company in the first place. Read More

Push Notifications

The Benefits of Push Notifications in Business Apps

It’s no secret that one of the biggest advantages of mobile over desktop is the on-the-go access that mobility provides. However, one true advantage of mobility is, not only can you interact with your mobile device in any aspect of your personal and professional lives, but your mobile device can interact with you based on your surroundings as well. Read More

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Enterprise Mobility Trends In 2014

Enterprise mobility has experienced a boom in the past few years, becoming a top priority for many businesses’ strategies. In 2014 and the coming years, it is predicted to have an increasing impact that companies can’t afford to ignore. Enterprise mobility allows employees access to necessary information even when they are out of the office, a boon for productivity and profits. There are several trends that are predicted to happen in 2014. Take a look at these predictions as you decide what direction to take your mobile strategy in. Read More