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App developers use a variety of different pricing models.

What are the Different Mobile App Pricing Models?

It took four months, three presentations and dozens of emails and phone calls, but you’ve finally gained approval to move forward on a new mobile app for your company. You thought the next step would be simple: pick your developer and get a firm price quote. But now that you’ve received those quotes, you’re a bit perplexed because the prices vary dramatically and there are more variables than constants.

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How much will it really cost to get an app developed?

Can You Provide a Mobile App Development Cost Breakdown?

You’re finally ready to take the plunge and move ahead with building a custom mobile app, but before you present your project to your company’s board of directors, you need one last thing: quotes on pricing. You’ve emailed a few developers, but the estimates vary dramatically. It’s got you wondering, how do developers determine how much to charge? What is the mobile app cost breakdown? In short, what are you actually buying?

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