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IoT Home Automation

4 Consumer Obstacles Standing in the IoT’s Way

Massive success for the IoT is on the horizon, but consumers aren’t quite ready to let it happen. Right now, the mobile device and IoT markets are flooded with fast-evolving technologies and choices that have failed to convert shoppers into buyers at the rate experts expected. Here are four of the obstacles stalling the IoT’s forward momentum… Read More

The Importance of Mobile Analytics for Your App

Companies that have developed a mobile app for their business are constantly gathering data from these apps, but how do they analyze that data and turn it into useful information that can be used to meet business goals? The need for analytics tools is real, but what changes should be made in light of the data a company receives from its mobile apps? There are several sets of data that an analytics tool can collect and present to a company for use in their mobile app strategy. Read More

App Loyalty

The Importance of Loyalty For Consumer-Facing Mobile Apps

There are a lot of different ways to measure the success of your company’s mobile application. For some businesses, it’s all about conversions and getting consumers to purchase their products. For others, a high number of unique app views may be the most important factor, as it means that fresh eyes are finding your company and being introduced to your brand for the first time. However, one thing that should never be overlooked when it comes to measuring the success of your consumer-facing mobile app is how loyal your users are to your brand. Read More

The 5 Most Popular Features in Business Mobile Apps

One of the largest reasons why business mobile applications are becoming such an important tool for companies all across the country is because they help to streamline your employee’s daily processes and make your company more efficient. For instance, a great business mobile app should take complicated, in-house procedures and not only make them available in a mobile format, but should also make the process much easier for employees who are on the go and need access to company information quickly and without hassle. Read More

Employee Adoption of Business Apps

How to Maximize Employee Adoption of Mobile Apps

Enterprise application development is an effective means of increasing your company’s overall operational efficiency. When employees are free to access the company infrastructure via mobile devices while on the go, time is saved and productivity is boosted. The key to achieving this heightened efficiency, however, is making sure that employees will actually use the new apps. Read More