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The Importance of Loyalty For Consumer-Facing Mobile Apps


There are a lot of different ways to measure the success of your company’s mobile application. For some businesses, it’s all about conversions and getting consumers to purchase their products. For others, a high number of unique app views may be the most important factor, as it means that fresh eyes are finding your company and being introduced to your brand for the first time. However, one thing that should never be overlooked when it comes to measuring the success of your consumer-facing mobile app is how loyal your users are to your brand.

The Importance of Brand Loyalty on Mobile

When a company’s goal is to spread the word about their brand, they often picture their “dream” consumer as whoever may have the most influence; for instance, users who are highly active on social media and have high numbers of followers. However, it doesn’t matter if your customer has a reach of 1,000 or even 10,000 followers if that person is not loyal or an advocate of your brand. In fact, it would be much more advantageous to have a loyal user with 100 followers talking about your brand. Why? Because brand loyalty is everything when it comes to increasing the reach of your mobile app.

When a consumer is loyal to your mobile app, they are much more engaged. This not only means that they’re using your app regularly and interacting with you through comments and social media, but also that they’re spreading the word about you to their friends. Plus, consumers with high levels of engagement also regularly participate in mobile features such as social referrals and app ratings, which can help to drive more downloads to your app and encourage new users.

Plus, many studies have shown that an increase in loyal customers typically translates directly to an overall increase in a company’s revenue. For instance, in a 2013 FiveStars report, the average brand saw around 20% of their customers fall into the “loyal” category—they had visited the brand at least 10 times within the last year.

How to Increase Mobile Customer Loyalty

So now that you know the importance of brand loyalty for your mobile application, how can you go about ensuring that your customers remain loyal to you once they visit your brand, and do not delete your app after they use it? Here are a few tips for keeping your consumers loyal to your app:

  • Target users who have a predisposition for regularly using apps. Instead of fighting to keep infrequent app users on your site, simply go after the users who are already using apps regularly.
  • Research when you should be using push notifications. While push notifications used to be a great resource for apps to engage their non-frequent users, they have become increasingly spammy over time, which has turned off users. Therefore, do research to come up with a way to use push notifications in a way that is helpful, rather than annoying.
  • Reward your loyal customers. Using rewards as a thank you to your most loyal users is not only a great way to increase brand loyalty, but it also helps to encourage new users to use your app more frequently.

Do you have any other great tips for increasing brand loyalty for your mobile application? If so, be sure to share them with us in the comments below!


Lacey Williams-McGhee

Lacey Williams-McGhee

Lacey Williams is a marketing and design professional living in the great state of Texas. When she's not working hard at the SevenTablets headquarters or designing products for her side gig, she can be found exploring new restaurants, hanging out with her husband and walking her golden retriever.

Lacey earned a B.A. from Baylor University. Sic'em!

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