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What to Expect from a Software Demo

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When acquiring a new piece of enterprise software or when commissioning the development of a custom software platform, you can expect to receive at least one demo. A software demo can go a long way toward helping you understand the purpose, features and functions of a particular platform. So let’s examine how these demos can be useful and what to expect of your next software demo presentation. 

When is a Software Demo Useful? 

A demo can be beneficial in many different scenarios, from showcasing a software development company’s capabilities, to helping you decide if a pre-packaged software suite is suitable for your needs, to previewing a custom software package and its features. Here are a few scenarios when you can expect to receive a demo.

When Purchasing a Complex and Expensive Enterprise Software Platform – Consumer software generally doesn’t warrant a demo but pricier, more complex enterprise software commonly includes a demo as part of the sales process. This also serves as a great opportunity to determine what, if any, training will be required to provide potential users with the skills they need to succeed if the platform is purchased. 

When Customizing an Existing Piece of Software – Companies that offer customized configurations and/or features in a software package — including SevenTablets’ Sertics data lake software — typically provide software demo presentations to prospective and current clients. This provides you with a chance to see how the program works while evaluating whether it will work for your needs. In cases where customization or configuration is required, this presentation provides you with a great opportunity to ask questions and determine exactly what modifications or additions will be required. 

When Building Custom Software From the Ground Up – If you need a new, custom software platform, you may receive one or more demo from the development team as part of the development process. A live software demo presentation serves as an important opportunity to ask questions and to request modifications. For this reason, it’s common to have at least a couple of software demos as the newly-built software is refined and finalized. 

It’s fairly common for developers to use software demo tools, such as WalkMe and InVision. The latter can be used to showcase mobile app wireframes and prototypes midway through the development process. 

With consumer-grade software or software at lower price points, it’s more common to see free trials and demoware — software that’s designed to provide users with a feel for functionality, without including a full set of features. Users must upgrade to the paid version to enjoy all of the available features. 

Software Demo Best Practices

A standard software demo presentation will walk you through the features and functionalities of a platform. Some software platforms are very involved and complex, which means that a bit of preparation will be required to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefit from this opportunity.

To get the most out of a software demo presentation, it’s important that you come prepared with a working knowledge of your company processes and precisely how the software will be used. Ideally, you should have at least a couple of team members who will be using the platform regularly, as these individuals will have the best insights into your company’s exact needs, procedures and potential roadblocks. 

Whenever possible, record the software demo presentation using screen recording software such as Zoom, which allows you to capture the screen and the audio of the presentation. This allows you to reference the recording when questions inevitably arise down the road. 

It’s also wise to take lots of notes and ask questions as they come to mind. 

Also, keep in mind that a demo is not an in-depth training session. A demo is precisely that — a demonstration that showcases how the platform functions. This demo can serve as a good opportunity to determine if a formal, in-depth training session will be required for your company’s team members. 

At SevenTablets, we routinely provide software demos, especially for our Sertics data lake creation software platform and for the many mobile applications that we develop for clients. As a software development company with a team of top Dallas mobile app developers, we specialize in a range of different technologies, including ERP and CRM development, one-of-a-kind mobile app and custom software development projects, tools for data lake creation, data governance, data visualization, cloud integrations and system integrations. In fact, our work speaks volumes!

SevenTablets has offices in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Austin, but our clientele spans the globe. If you’re in search of a custom enterprise software platform or need help to develop your next mobile app or software solution, contact SevenTablets today.

Reach out to our team today!

Steve Parta

Steve Parta

Steve Parta is a Director of Business Development at SevenTablets. He has over ten years of experience in sales and management. His specialty is working with 7T's data lake creation and data governance platform, Sertics, as well as its core business of Digital Transformation through custom software development.

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