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Accelerate Revenue. Reduce Costs - Win with SevenTablets.

Some things to expect when working with SevenTablets:

In partnership with your leadership team and stakeholders, we will develop a sound and effective mobile strategy that aligns technology with your business objectives. We don’t just build and deploy awesome apps…

In addition to developing world class apps, our team works with you to build mobile solutions that transform your company into a mobile enterprise that enjoys competitive advantage in a business climate where technology is utilized to increase revenue and reduce costs.

In our first interaction, we will ask you important questions that our competition tends to leave out. As experts, we work to hone in on how to quantify and define what value means to your business so as to transform your investment into measurable ROI.

Before we write a single line of code, our business and technology teams work with you to discover:

  • What business problem(s) you want the app to solve. We’ll align mobile technology with your business goals and maintain this alignment throughout the development and deployment processes.
  • Who your target audience is. We’ll plan your app’s user experience (UX) to serve your users’ particular needs, expectations, and behaviors.
  • What kinds of devices (tablets, smart phones) and operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows) you’ll be supporting.
  • How we’ll ensure security on multiple levels for your business’ unique needs. We’ll build in data security at both the device level and the network level to protect your company’s and customers’ data.
  • How we’ll measure the app’s performance to give you insight into user behaviors so that you can quantify whether your mobile solution is providing an adequate return on investment.

Good mobile strategy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Much depends on who your users are, what their pain points have been, and how your app will serve their needs. Once we have established the basics of your mobile strategy, we’ll develop a well-considered plan for the user experience (UX) of your app.

In the meantime…

Connect with us on LinkedIn, learn a thing or four in the 7T blog and learn about our leadership team in the “About Us” page.