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Take Your Business to the Next Level with an Effective Digital Strategy

Digital Solutions to Revolutionize Your Business

Win with SevenTablets! We offer comprehensive digital solutions to help your business increase its revenue, cut costs or both. Our creative team will ensure your custom solutions are exceptionally easy-to-use and appealing, while our developers focus on providing streamlined agile development, enhanced analytics and military-grade security for all of your systems. We also offer mobile and predictive analytics services to ensure you know exactly how users interact with your products, platforms and applications.

Mobile Solutions

  • Mobile Strategy

    Mobile strategy is critical to the success of the modern business. We help our customers craft effective mobile strategies that empower their business to increase revenue and efficiency.

  • Mobile App Development

    Our in-house mobile app development team has extensive experience building revolutionary apps. We produce outstanding IoT, augmented reality, communications and countless other apps.

  • Mobile Security

    At SevenTablets we pride ourselves on providing exceptional mobile security for our client’s projects. From ephemeral messaging and geolocation to 4096-bit encryption, we make sure your app is bulletproof.

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • IoT Strategy Consulting

    If your business relies on hardware, crafting your mobile strategy around those devices is vital. We can help your business create a plan to tie your hardware into all the systems your business uses to be successful.

  • Hardware Integrations

    Whether your hardware already has an API or needs APIs written, our team of developers has the expertise required to connect all your devices and systems to your mobile app or platform.

  • IoT Improvements & Maintenance

    Technology updates continually. Our team keeps track of all software updates and works to ensure your IoT integrations always work flawlessly.


  • Mobile Analytics

    Through real-time and historical data, our mobile analytics platform provides detailed information on how your users interface with your mobile app. These insights empower you to make better, more impactful business decisions.

  • Big Data

    Our experts aggregate your data to create a comprehensive data lake. Your company’s data lake uncovers in-depth insights into your business processes, users and more.

  • Predictive Analytics + AI

    By leveraging historical data and your comprehensive data lake, our predictive analytics platform produces insights into your company’s future. These capabilities are powered by machine learning, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence and data visualization.

Cloud Integrations

  • Cloud & System Integrations

    Running your business with multiple systems and platforms while maintaining in-house hosting can slow operations down. Our developers assist your business to establish better hosting solutions, integrate your systems and improve efficiency.

  • Custom Software Development

    If your business is ready to say goodbye to third-party systems, our team can develop custom software that suits your business’s unique needs, from managing leads to tracking inventory and more.

  • Data Lake Creation

    During the system integration process, we add relevant data to your comprehensive data lake. This data lake can be used in tandem with predictive analytics and other tools to help you create a more effective business strategy.

Digital Strategy

  • Business First Approach

    At SevenTablets, we pride ourselves on our Business First Approach. We take the time to understand the inner-workings of your business so that every recommendation we make provides increased revenue, increased efficiency and/or decrease cost.

  • Digital Strategy Consulting

    Next, we help you build a holistic digital strategy to produce a complete digital transformation within your business. Our strategies encompass mobile apps, analytics, hosting and storage, organization, security and more to ensure your business functions at its optimal level.

  • Digital Strategy Implementation

    Once your digital strategy is in place, our team of developers, designers and analysts, work to execute your plan. We guide you through every step of the process, making sure no stone is left unturned.

App Cloud Hosting

  • Reduce Your Overhead

    By placing your data in the cloud, your business can significantly reduce its operating costs by eliminating the expenses related with hardware and maintenance. If there is some information that must be stored in-house, we can also help you with your servers, integrations and security.

  • Increased App Performance

    Cloud hosting is an excellent way to ensure the speed of your app. Rather than relying on risky, single-location servers,
    the cloud provides a quick, reliable solution for your business.

  • Enhanced Security

    The cloud hosting solutions we employ come equipped with the world’s best security protocols. Security oversight can ruin a business. We work hard to ensure security is never a concern for our clients.

Our Development Process

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