Most executives are accustomed to using analytics to inform business decisions. Traditional analytics uncover useful insights through historical data but they sometimes omit critical unforeseen factors.


When traditional analytics are paired with the power of Deep Learning and Predictive Analytics, however, making impactful decisions becomes simple.


Our platform, Sertics, combines machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling with historical data, real-time data and external knowledge bases to produce powerful intelligence about the past and predictions about the future. These predictions empower businesses to correct operational inefficiencies, increase revenue generation and identify hidden opportunities for growth. With Sertics, applying these improvements to your business becomes straightforward and accessible.

Sertics Analytics

No Developers Required

Sertics was created with the end-user in mind. With Sertics, business users and analysts can harness the power of analytics, deep learning and predictive modeling on their own – no developers or data scientists required. Our unique, intuitive platform makes selecting impactful predictive models and analyzing data accessible to anyone that understands your business. Just tell Sertics what you want to know and it takes care of the rest!

If you already have data scientists and developers in-house, Sertics is an ideal tool for improving their performance, as well. Sertics empowers data scientists and developers to increase their productivity by expanding their data horizons and making deeper analyses faster and more efficient.

sertics analytics platform

Quick Implementation & Easy Adoption


Sertics easily fits into any existing ecosystem of tools, like SalesForce, Oracle, Tableau and others. That means your users can integrate Sertics into their workflow with ease, without the sharp learning curve and cumbersome setup of other analytics platforms.

Sertics takes your business from implementation to insights in 4-6 weeks thanks to its user-friendly onboarding process and powerful data consumption engine.

Sertics Analytics Platform

Sertics Data Lake Engine

The Sertics Data Lake Engine creates a comprehensive Client Unified Data Lake – the foundation of business intelligence.

Business users provide data endpoints to kick-off the process and the Sertics Data Lake Engine does the rest! The DLE aggregates data from multiple disparate databases including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, internal spreadsheets and more. Then, it parses, standardizes, cleanses and validates the data to be sure it’s both accurate and useful.

The Sertics DLE also makes it easy to enrich your data by connecting third-party data sources like traffic reports, weather, stocks and more.

Sertics Analytics Platform

Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling

The Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling piece of the 7T PA platform is nothing short of exciting.

This tool allows your users to instantly leverage over 25 models to automatically uncover patterns, trends and other information hiding in your Client Unified Data Lake. Business users can explore these insights through the interactive visualization tool built into the client dashboard. This engaging, visual representation of insights empowers your team to understand the ins-and-outs of your business on a deeper level.

Finally, users can run predictive, what-if analyses to understand how today’s business decisions impact future outcomes.

How It Works

SevenTablets Sertics Predictive Analytics Platform

Make Your Data Work For You

If your company is ready to take create the future, instead of just reacting to it, it’s time to put Predictive Analytics to work. Whether you run a small business or a Fortune 500, Sertics is exactly what you need to lead your team to success.

To get started on the path to predictions, reach out to SevenTablets today.

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