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Mobile App Development and Predictive Analytics Solutions

Win with SevenTablets! We offer a variety of mobile app and analytics solutions to help your business increase its revenue, cut costs or both. Our creative team will ensure your mobile app is exceptionally easy-to-use and appealing, while our developers focus on providing streamlined agile development, enhanced analytics and military-grade security. We also employ enhanced analytics services to ensure you know exactly how users interact with your product.

Mobile Strategy

  • Define Your Business Challenges

    Mobile apps were invented to solve problems and simplify our lives. Through our business first approach,
    we’ll identify the key business problems your mobile solution will solve for your company and users.

  • Identify Your Target Audience

    Knowing your target audience enables you to build the perfect app for their needs.
    Our Discovery Process helps you get to know your users so you can provide a user experience that trumps the competition.

  • A Proactive Approach to Security

    SevenTablets provides the security defenses you need to keep your user and company data secure.
    From 4096 SSL-Encryption to biometric authentication, we keep your solution protected from the start.

UI/UX Design

  • User Interface Design

    An appealing, fresh aesthetic is critical to user retention. SevenTablets’ designers create stunning, intuitive screens
    users love to interact with. From excellent typography to gorgeous contrast and color, we’ve got you covered.

  • User Experience Design

    Our team of experts design every app we build to be user-friendly, highly accessible and fun to use.
    Forget those slow, awkward apps and welcome excellent UX into your business.

  • App Re-Design

    Have an app you’re displeased with? Let our design team give your mobile app a facelift or design an entirely
    new solution to wow your users.

Agile Mobile App Development

  • The Agile Approach

    We streamline your development process through excellent organization, phased development,
    daily scrum meetings and constant user testing.

  • Dedicated to Your Project

    Every SevenTablets client enjoys access to a dedicated project manager. Your manager and the team
    assigned to your project will guide you every step of the way.

  • Easy Updates

    Our STAX development platform saves your company time and money through its plug-and-play functionality. Each app is developed to adapt to new software updates with ease and our team is always here to help.

Mobile App Testing

  • Best Practices

    Our development team tests your app’s functionality throughout the development process. We ensure that your code
    adheres to best practices guidelines and that every feature works exactly as it should.

  • Mobile App Acceptance Testing

    We make sure that your app is designed to work within Apple App Store and Google Play Store guidelines, so you don’t
    have to worry about your app being rejected by the main marketplaces.

  • User Testing

    If your users don’t love your app, it will be deleted! We conduct comprehensive user testing every step of the way
    to guarantee excellent retention rates.

Mobile Security

  • Military-Grade Security

    SevenTablets keeps your data on lockdown with 4096-bit SSL encryption, geo-fenced and ephemeral messaging, biometric fingerprint authentication, two-step verification and more!

  • Brigade

    Brigade is SevenTablets’ own internal messaging platform, which utilizes all of the security protocols mentioned above. You can add Brigade to your own app or use it as a stand-alone solution for your business.

  • Employee Training

    Our team is available to train your employees to use your new mobile app. Proper use of your software will help keep your data out of the wrong hands.

Cloud Hosting for Mobile Apps

  • Reduce Your Overhead

    Hosting your app in-house is expensive to start and maintain. We can recommend the best cloud hosting
    for your solution to keep your costs low.

  • Increase Your App's Performance

    Cloud hosting is an excellent way to ensure the speed of your app. Rather than relying on risky, single-location servers,
    the cloud provides a quick, reliable solution for your business.

  • Enhanced Scalability

    At SevenTablets, we design apps that succeed. With cloud hosting, you can rest assured that your app can scale
    with your business, no matter how many users you have.

Mobile & Predictive Analytics

  • Get to Know Your Users in Real-Time

    Don’t rely on old data to make business decisions. With our enhanced analytics tools, you can see what your users are
    doing while they’re doing it. This is allows you to make the very best business decisions when they matter most.

  • Obtain The Single Best Strategy

    Things change and so should your mobile strategy. Our mobile analytics consider user paths, conversions and
    many more metrics that shed light on the best ways to optimize your business to increase profitability and improve user experience.

  • Leverage A Next-Gen Predictive Engine

    For an even better look into your users’ behaviors, leverage your data with the SevenTablets Predictive Analytics Engine.
    Real-time data is powerful, but looking ‘into the future’ provides a truly unfair advantage.

Our Development Process

SevenTablets Development Process

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